Superstar K 2016 starts with a 20-second battle!


Superstar K 2016 starts with a 20-second battle! Mnet Superstar K 2016 - It's time to begin the battle!

It started at 9:40 on Thursday night - September 22, 2016! Did you see the long-waited first episode of Mnet Superstar K 2016? Let's take a look at the first episode of the show that made viewers unable to take their eyes off of the television with a thrilling 20-second battle!

Superstar K 2016 created more thrills with its 20-second battle

▲ Here are the Singer Avengers! Superstar K 2016 Judges

Superstar K 2016 finally began and will be aired every Thursday night from 9:40. The first episode that aired on September 22nd topped the list in the ratings among the programs airing at the same time slot. The names of performers and judges listed in the hit list of major portals reflect the keen interest being attracted to the program.

The Superstar K 2016 presented higher tension and fun with its new 20-second battle system and the increased diversity of judges.

Superstar K's judges boasting their fame as the Singer Avengers! Singers Kim Yeon-Woo, Kim Bum-Soo, Ailee, Gummy and Gill and songwriter Brave Brother and producer Han Sung-Ho all gathered to judge the performance, completion and post-debut potential of the performers.

The thrilling 20-second battle, another hot issue surrounding Superstar K 2016, is a system where each judge is given up to three chances to press the button to add 10 seconds to the performance time, totaling up to 30 seconds for each judge. So the performer can sing an entire song only when the judges press their buttons enough times.

A hidden gem buried deep in Jiri Mountain releases its glimmer

A performer who appeared on the first episode jumped onto the real-time hit list of major portals in a minute, causing a huge sensation. Judges continued to press buttons to add the time with one judge even being moved to tears. Let's check out some of the great moments of the first episode of Superstar K 2016 together!

▲ The soulful performance of Kim Young-Geun, who presents Jiri Mountain Soul!

The hottest performer in the first round was Kim Young-Geun, a hidden gem from Jiri Mountain, without a doubt. Introducing himself as a contender from Jiri Mountain, Kim confessed that he had failed the audition for Superstar K every year since the show's season 3.

But when he started his song, he moved all the seven judges as well as the audience with his soulful singing. Judge Kim Yeon-Woo praised him by defining his singing as "Jiri Mountain Soul", and Gill couldn't conceal his emotion, repeating "He is amazing...amazing." Gummy seemed lost in his music, even with tears in her eyes.

▲ Fresh and lovely voice!

I was completely blown away! The 13-year-old girl was so cute and lovely. Her voice had a fresh taste to it and made me happy!

▲ The appealing voice of Cho Min-Wook, a bank security guard

Cho Min-Wook, a bank security guard, sang "Old Song" by Kim Dong-Ryul. He captivated the hearts of female viewers with Gill saying "He knows how to 'draw' a song".

▲ The exciting stage presented by CORONA, an elite band of medical school students

Band The CORONA also put on a great performance and composer Brave Brother said, "The song was perfect enough to sell right now." The band reminded many people of Busker Busker.

▲ Feel the powerful voice of a Berklee girl!

The voice of Lee Jieun from Berklee College of Music was truly electrifying! Upon starting her song, the faces of the judges began to light up in smiles.

▲ A Korean John Mayer? The honey voice of talented Kim Ye-Seong

Praised by judge Kim Beom-Soo, Kim Ye-Seong, a talented boy with a voice like honey, also generated an exciting performance. A great finale with a shower of 10-second buttons by judges with Ailee revealing an enthusiastic reaction!

Critical remarks from judges, exciting discovery of new talent, and thrilling missions and voice competition! The best stage of 2016 to discover many diamonds in the rough - Superstar K 2016! The popularity of Superstar K as proven by its first episode brings great expectations to the show!

Please remember that it is the viewers who ultimately decide the winner of Superstar K, a variety battle audition show.