The sweet magic that brings you a better life!


The sweet magic that brings you a better life! The story of CJ CheilJedang's SWEETREE Trio: Allulose, Tagatose and Xylose

Food with little sugar won't be welcomed by children with a sweet tooth. Isn't there any safe way to enjoy sweet flavors?

The way of enjoying sweetness for parents who worry about adult diseases, for children who need to be careful about cavities and child obesity and for people like you who still have a sweet tooth! The answer is SWEETREE, CJ CheilJedang's wholesome sweetener.

Allulose, Tagatose and Xylose! Here is the next generation sweetener trio

▲ BekSul SWEETREE, the wholesome sweet flavor from nature, featuring fruits and cheese

There has always been a lot of research being conducted on various sweeteners in order to help people enjoy wholesome sweetness without having to worry about their health. Artificial sweeteners for patients or obese patients have also been continuously developed.

Some examples are saccharin and aspartame. Although they attracted a lot of attention when they first appeared, these artificial sweeteners were caught up in controversy after they were found to be harmful.

Isn't there any way for those who suffer from obesity or any adult disease to enjoy wholesome sweetness?

To answer this question and provide 'wholesome sweetness', CJ CheilJedang released BekSul SWEETREE based on its knowhow as a company who produced sugar for the first time in Korea in 1953.

SWEETREE is a life sweetener brand that includes all the next generation sweetener lines of CJ CheilJedang, including Allulose, Tagatose and Xylose, which are low-cal sweeteners.

▶ Story of CJ alternative sweetners: Allulose & Tagatose

The secret of BekSul SWEETNER is a new enzyme developed by using natural sweetening ingredients from nature, which exist in only small amounts. CJ CheilJedang has continuously studied those sweetening ingredients, which were already known but hard to commercialize, and finally succeeded in developing wholesome low-cal, low-blood sugar sweeteners.

The first member of the next generation sweetener trio! Allulose is a sweet constituent that exists in a small amount in natural objects, such as figs and grapes. It is an ultra-low-calorie sweetener with only 0~0.2kcal per gram. Ultra low-calorie - No worries about gaining weight!

The second member of the next generation sweetener trio! Tagatose is a sweet constituent found in a small amount in nature such as apples and cheese. It tastes like sugar but has calories which are only one-third of those of sugar and has the function of blood sugar adjustment.

The third member of the next generation sweetener trio! Xylose is a sweet constituent isolated from nature such as birch and maple trees. It restrains the activation of sucrase to help reduce the amount of sugar absorbed into the body.

They are the BekSul SWEETREE trio - life sweeteners! You can simply choose between liquid or powder type depending on the use and as they are blended with sugar, you can enjoy natural sweetness and reduce calories.

Functional, wholesome sweetness! Don't think about whether to eat or not. Just decide which SWEETREE to eat!

The 'Slim and Sweet' recipes using BekSul SWEETREE!

Pear Persimmon Punch | Stay in good shape with a home-made cold medicine amid the change of season!

▲ Block a cold with hot pear persimmon punch amid the change of season!

The change of season means temperamental weather. In such a season, you should take care not to catch a cold. So, here is a home-made pear persimmon punch that will strengthen your respiratory system to prevent you from getting a cold. It's so easy to make. All you need are some ingredients such as pears and ginger, plus BekSul SWEETREE Allulose.

Pear (1), Ginger (3g), Pine nut (7), Whole pepper (4), Balloon flower root (15g), Ginkgo nut (4), Jujube (2), Meat broth (95g, 1 cup of water, BekSul SWEETREE Allulose 40g)

1. Slice the pear at 2cm from the top and scoop out the insides with a spoon.
2. Slice ginger and balloon flower roots thinly and remove seeds from jujubes and shred them thickly.
3. Fry ginkgo nuts slightly on a dried pan and rub them with a kitchen towel to peel.
4. Mix water with SWEETREE Allulose.
5. Put balloon flower roots, gingers, ginkgo nuts, jujubes and pine nuts inside the pear and insert whole peppers near the rim and pour in the broth. Once the water in the steamer reaches a boil, put the pear in the steamer and steam it for about 40 minutes.

Buckwheat Noodles & Seasoned Squid Spicy and Chewy

▲ Just follow the video and you will soon find your dinner ready.

The home of newlyweds usually has many visitors! Do you have your own secret recipes for easy-to-cook tasty dishes? If a visitor comes, don't be embarrassed and just take out your SWEETREE!

Buckwheat Noodles & Seasoned Squid is an amazing recipe that can satisfy everyone. A classy combination between refreshing buckwheat noodles and chewy squid! Plus nice flavors from sweet xylose sugar!

Main ingredients | BekSul Cheiljemyunso Buckwheat Noodles (100g), Onion (1/2), Cucumber (1/2), Carrot (1/2), Cabbage (100g), Green/red chili (1), Sesame leaf (10), Apple (1/2), Squid (1), Black sesame (10g), BekSul Sesame Oil (10mL), Sun-dried Sea Salt (Small amt) Ingredients for seasoning and sauce | Haechandeul Red Pepper Paste with Vinegar (250g), Chili Powder (10g), BekSul Grape Vinegar (20ml), BekSul White Xylose Sugar (20g), Crushed garlic (1tsp.), BekSul SWEETREE Allulose Oligo syrup (30g), Cooking wine (1tbsp.)

1. Cut the cucumber and carrot in half in length and slice them at around 0.2cm thickness and shred the onion thinly. Slice the cabbage at 8cm in length and 0.2cm in thickness.
2. Slice green onions, green/red pepper and sesame leaves and put them in cold water.
3. Peel an apple with its seeds removed and slice it thinly and mix them with vinegar to prevent browning.
4. Trim the squid clean and cut into it and then slice it. Blanch it in salt water for 10 seconds and cool it.
5. Place vinegar red pepper paste, chili powder, vinegar, sugar, crushed garlic, oligo syrup and cooking wine in the bowl and mix it (sauce).
6. Put salt in boiling water and boil noodles for about 4 minutes and rinse them in running water to remove starch. Season them with sesame oil and salt.
7. Place the onion, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, apple and squid in the bowl and add an amount of sauce depending on your taste, mix it evenly, add sesame oil and mix it again.
8. Place shredded sesame leaves on the plate, the seasoned squid nicely on top of it, and the noodles around the center. Complete the dish by placing shredded green onion and black sesame!

With BekSul SWEETREE for 'wholesome sweetness' and the 'slim and sweet' recipes, you are now free of worries about gaining weight. Enjoy sweet flavors without having to worry about blood sugar!

We recommend you to prepare a functional table using our SWEETREE recipes for the upcoming weekend! Create an atmosphere of "Home! Sweet Home!" with a lovely family's tasty table!