VIPS kicks off its second Youth Theme Park campaig


VIPS kicks off its second Youth Theme Park campaign via social media, including Youth Literary Contest

- Write a two-line poem and share it on social media to get free draft beer and a chance to win free Super Race tickets - deadline Sept. 9
- VIPS recruits Youth Supporters via its website. Make a supporter group of 4 people or more and get free gift certificates for 1997 Steak. A total of 20 winners!

"My No.1 Steak" VIPS ( announced on August 22 that it would start its second 'Youth Theme Park' event for the young generation aged 20 through 25.

Last month, VIPS launched its Youth Theme Park campaign for customers aged 20 to 25 (born between 1992 and 1997), consisting of various youth "vitalization" programs, such as "Youth Salad Bar" that provides customers with Youth Tickets with up to 32% discount on its salad bar offer.

First, the company will hold its Youth Literary Contest via social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, until September 9. You can participate in the event by writing a two-line poem including the word "Youth" on the placemat of your table at a VIPS restaurant and taking a photo of it and posting it on the profile of your preferred social media platform with hashtags #VIPSYouthThemePark and #YouthLiteraryContest. If you show the screen to a staff member there, you can get a free glass of draft beer. Furthermore, ten authors who write a nice witty poem will have a chance to win two Super Race Round 7 tickets. The winners will be notified individually on September 13.

VIPS will also hold its 'Youth Supporters' event until the 25th of this month. This event is particularly great for young customers who are planning a group outing. All you have to do is go to the VIPS website ( and leave your story about why you should be a Youth Supporter and a link to your blog or preferred social media account. A total of 20 winners will get up to two free 1997 Steak gift certificates depending on the number of their group members. They must use the gift certificate from Sept. 2-30.

The O’live Young online mall is currently running the 'Youth Life' event that provides up to 50% discount coupons. When you order the Youth Salad Bar at a VIPS restaurant, you will get a scratch card to try to win a discount coupon: 50% discount coupon (100 winners), 40% discount coupon (300 winners) and 30% discount coupon (every participant except 50% and 40% discount coupon winners), on a first-come, first-served basis. The event will come to an end when the scratch cards run out.

"We prepared unique events such as a literary contest as well as various benefits in order to communicate better with the young generation aged 20 to 25," VIPS said. "We hope you enjoy some nice meals in our restaurant at reasonable prices through our Youth Theme Park campaign, while beating the heat this summer."

If you want to participate in the VIPS Youth Theme Park campaign, go and log in to CJ ONE ( and navigate to the event page from the main page and obtain a Youth Ticket. Produce the ticket to an employee whenever you visit a VIPS restaurant.