CJ O’liveNetworks recruits participants


CJ O’liveNetworks recruits participants of CJ SW Creative Camp

- A free software coding class for children aged 8-12 years old from underprivileged families
- The camp will be held at CJ O’liveNetworks Academy from August 17 for 3 days with the company's employees participating as lecturers
- Receiving applications via email through community children centers and social welfare facilities in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province until July 29, 5:00 pm

"CJ O’liveNetworks holds Software Camp for improving the creativity and imagination of children!"

CJ O’liveNetworks (CEO Lee Kyung-Bae and Hur Min-Ho) recently announced that it will hold its CJ SW Creative Camp and receive applications from children between the ages of 8-12 from underprivileged families until July 29.

The CJ SW Creative Camp is a distinguished talent donation program of CJ O’liveNetworks in which young students can learn the principles of software coding from the company's employees, raising their ability to think logically and solve problems. The camp will be held with 40 children aged 8-12 years old from underprivileged families (multicultural, single parents and low-income families) at the CJ O’liveNetworks Academy in Yongsan, Seoul from August 17 to 19 for a period of three days.

Applications will be received via email ( through community children centers (study camp) or social welfare facilities until July 29, 5:00 pm.The application must include the group name, group address, name of the representative of the group, contact information of the representative, and the list of students to participate in the camp. Individual applications will not be accepted.

In the camp, students will easily learn about coding while using "Scratch", a fun learning tool for programming developed by MIT in the US, and have a chance to plan and make a game based on what they have learned from the camp. CJ O’liveNetworks held a commencement ceremony of CJ SW Creative Camp this past June, awarding a letter of appointment to 75 employees who will teach the students in the camp, and has been conducting pre-camp software training since then.

If you wish to learn more about applying for the camp, feel free to email ( for further information.