An emotional reunion at a place of good memories!


An emotional reunion at a place of good memories! 2016 Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival

When a new plan for the 2016 Valley Rock Festival was announced, the internet became all abuzz. "Finally!", "Really?", "Just what I wanted."... People online were excited about the changed title of the festival. This year, the festival came to us under a new name of "2016 Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival (2016 Valley Rock)".

Return of Jisan

As its name implies, 2016 Valley Rock Festival was held at Jisan Forest Resort. Daebu Sea Breeze Theme Park was good but Valley Rock Festival fans still longed for Jisan Resort, the home of the festival where it spent the first four years since its inception.

▲ The mountains surrounding the audience of Big Top Stage. The ideal festival location with mountains and streams!

Sandwiched between ridges and hills, the audience of Big Top Stage, the main stage of the festival, enjoys meandering about throughout the site. Originally being a ski resort, the venue provides a variety of conveniences and amenities so that people can take in various performances and experiences without becoming exhausted.

▲ The camping site of 2016 Valley Rock Festival. Many people were more than satisfied with the comfortable environment.

▲ A peaceful moment on the green! Kicking back on the well-groomed and pristine lawn!

The camping environment was just right thanks to the well-maintained lawn and surroundings. Many friends and families could be seen taking advantage of the site. Unlike the weather forecast calling for rain, campers basked in the glorious weather that lasted for all three days.

The festival's super lineup that never leaves anyone disappointed

The venue was changed but the artist lineup of the 2016 Valley Rock Festival remained perfect. This year's headliners "Red Hot Chili Peppers", "Zedd" and "Disclosure" all turned in stunning performances.

▲ An enthusiastic performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers started their performance with bassist Flea shouting out "Hello, Mot**r F**kers". On Friday, an endless sea of Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirts and logos could be seen and eventually the place became flooded with fans. Despite the crowds, they all grooved to the music and danced while being pushed around in the crowd.

▲ Zedd connected with the audience through interactive images on full LED screens.

A memorable show involved the genius producer "Zedd" and his amazing stage setup. The connection with the audience through interactive images associated with music from the full LED screens was overwhelming for all in attendance. Not only did he play some familiar beats to electronica fans, such as "Clean Bandit" and "Icona Pop", but he also proved his eclectic taste by remixing a track from the festival’s last day's headliner "Disclosure".

▲ If you want to really know about Disclosure, you must see them live.

The live performance of "Disclosure" proved what pop columnist Lee Jin-Seop said, "How they record in a studio and how they play live are two different things. Make sure to catch them live if you ever have the chance." It is said that the audience at the rock festival became all mesmerized by this show that united imagery, performance and sounds.

▲ Hyukoh performing on the overhauled Big Top Stage

▲ Is it legal to move the audience to tears at a rock festival? The performance by Lee So-Ra on Green Stage

Without a doubt, every artist mustered up such a great performance that each and every one of them could have easily been the headlining act.

"Hyukoh" put on a captivating show, remarking at how pleased they were to see how much the stage was overhauled compared to previous years; "Jang Beom-June" was pumped up enough to kick the mic stand away; and "Lee So-Ra" moved many fans to tears by singing a ballad although she thought to ask in advance if it was ok to sing such a ballad at a rock festival.

“Norazo Metal”, who always appears as a complete band in festivals, also won over both critics and audience members this year.

▲ Until next time! - Sekai No Owari

▲ Troye Sivan give his best performance in his first rock festival appearance.

Fans who were singing along in Japanese began to feel somewhat embarrassed when they suddenly realized that Sekai No Owari was singing those songs in English. Nevertheless, the stage atmosphere was just the best. They said that they were completely energized by their fans and that they wanted to hold their exclusive concert just for them.

Troye Sivan, who was there to perform at a festival for the first time in his career, elicited a big smile while stating that he never experienced such an enthusiastic response before, especially after he had low expectations about how may fans would turn up to his show before he came to Korea.

Taking some time out to take in some art!

What has changed is not just the venue. But the title of the festival added an additional word - Arts. Now let me show you how great the power of "Arts" was.

What often comes first into your field of view should be "Sneaky", an object installed at the "Art Valley" near the Green Stage. Inspired by the image of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant in the famous novella "The Little Prince", the work was created by the CJ E&M Art Creation team, who has made many large stage setups before, such as MAMA and KCON.

Usually, the object presented various video arts but in three events a day, it became a place for various performances including free-spirited dancing by the audience. The event thrilled the audience event more with free beer coupons.

Next to the Sneaky was the Red Balloon Shelter created by installation artist Kim Young-Na. It acted as a great shelter and landmark with impressive visuals created by red balloons that lit up the festive nights.

The view of the "Big Top Stage", the main stage of the festival, was also awesome to take in. The stage was decorated with pretty objects of art. It is noteworthy in that it used low chroma colors so as to not distract the audience from artists while subtly showcasing the stage.

The festival also changed the design of its 3-day ticket wristband and timetable neckband. The abstract figures and symbols created by the design group "Moim" helped to elevate the sheer excitement of the festival. I felt so sad when my 3-day ticket wristband had to be finally cut off.

Objects that adorned the festival venue along with all the greenery took on a role for lifting the weary spirits of people who needed to momentarily catch their breath and recover from the frenzy of the shows.

▲ The mask-making event in the Art Forest

The "Art Forest" behind the Tune Up Stage presented some events for those who needed to take a break from all the action, including the "Hologram Button Show" and "Water Moss Bomb Making".

▲ Hoochus performed a tribute to Maurice White, the leader of Earth, Wind & Fire, who passed away in February.

▲ Blue Turtle Land played a tribute to B.B. King, the King of the Blues.

▲ Nametag with Kim In-Su from Crying Nut, who played a tribute to Prince

The shows on Tune Up Stage were also performed by great musicians. Under the concept of "Sing for My Idol: R.I.P Brothers!", the 2016 Valley Rock Tune Up Stage attracted a large audience with the stages acting as a tribute to music heroes and heroines who recently passed away, including Prince, David Bowie, B.B. King, Maurice White and Natalie Cole.

Various event zones and shelters

2016 Valley Rock Festival was held for three days. If you were there, you surely must have burned yourself out if you saw all the performances without stopping. Best to eat and play between shows to get the most out of the festival. Fortunately, the festival had heaps of shelters and amusements to choose from.

Near the Big Top Stage were various food and event zones. Tasty Valley by CJ CheilJedang presented a space where you can buy, microwave and eat “CJ Hatban Cupban” featuring various meal selections including Mapa Tofu Rice, Spicy Herb Bibimbap and Red Spicy Curry Rice. Snack food to go along with beer such as Maxbong and seaweed snack were also popular!

There were booths for serving kebabs, cups of rice and meat skewers as well. The enticing and delicious smells emanating from them attracted many people. You can't stay away once you catch a whiff of some of that food!

The festival also provided more shelters than the previous year. In front of the CJ CGV Subpac event booth was a shelter in which you could sit and take a break while listening to music. At the Casper Music TV booth presenting real-time streaming broadcasts were also many people kicking back and relaxing to music.

There were various events, including a photo zone with CJ racing models and the Subpac zone for new ways of experiencing sounds.

The stream to the right of the Big Top Stage acts also a form of shelter that you must take advantage of at some point. Unlike the weather forecast calling for rain, the hot weather continued throughout the three days and so many people felt compelled to just jump right into the stream. It was a nice place to get away for a moment where you could relieve your mind and sore legs from the festival.

How did people react to 2016 Jisan Valley Rock Festival?

Let's see some of the reactions from people who visited 2016 Valley Rock Festival and witnessed all the new changes.

I came across Yu Jia in the Camping Zone who happens to be a festival fanatic who visits the festival almost every year. She really enjoyed camping this time at the 2016 Valley Rock Festival. She worried a bit about the weather before she came here, particularly because it had rained for all three days in the previous year's festival. However, once she saw the clean and nice facilities while setting up her tent, her worries were put to rest. She gave two thumbs up for everything except for the crowded shower booths in the morning.

Yang Seung-Hee and her friend visited Valley Rock Festival for their second time after they first fell in love with event back in 2012. They can be seen here taking a break with the object "Sneaky" behind them. They came to the festival this time without any concerns as they knew how nice Jisan Resort is as the venue. Yang stated that hot weather is not enough to stop her from being getting a chance to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. How was RHCP? Amazing, I’m sure!

Three friends bought a one-day ticket to see Troye Sivan. They took time out to pose for a picture together with the "Sneaky" in the background. 2016 Valley Rock Festival was their first experience here. They said that they felt totally impressed by the pleasant and clean environment of the festival because they thought a rock festival would usually be dirty and inconvenient. "We should have got a three-day ticket!", they giggled. All right, then we look forward to seeing you guys for all three days next year!

In addition to them, many other visitors left words of well wishes and posed in front of our camera. "Where else can we see these lineups of super artists other than Valley Rock Festival?" They flashed a peace sign while posing and CJ Creative Journal also felt deeply moved by their comments.

2016 Valley Rock Festival ended just like that...and now we are all heading back to our everyday lives. But we all know that those three dreamlike days where music and art came together left us with some beautiful memories about good music and good people. Whenever we take time to recall those moments, we will time travel to relive 2016 Valley Rock Festival once again. Thanks to you, I had a lot of fun at 2016 Valley Rock Festival and I look forward to seeing you again at next year’s big event!