CJ CheilJedang Bibigo Korean Food HMR Series Brand


Enjoy a simple and healthy 'home-cooked meal' on sweltering summer days! CJ CheilJedang bibigo Korean Food HMR Series Brand

Amid hot weather, cooking something in the kitchen is not always easy. Just five minutes standing in front of your gas stove will make you sweat profusely! You could try to minimize the use of a stove and eat only cold meals but you might still feel like eating a hot soup from time to time. Hot weather is still a big problem to deal with, though. No need to worry anymore! You now have CJ CheilJedang'sbibigo Korean Food HMR series!

bibigo - Simple & hot, tasting just like a home-cooked meal!

If you go to a hypermarket, you can easily find a wide range of nice food packages that are good for 1-2 servings. The selection is also diverse: from Korean sausage soup to kimchi stew, Chinese-style spicy seafood noodles and black bean source noodles.

These meal packages with which you can easily make a meal at home are called Home Meal Replacements, or HMR. As there is a growing number of single-person households and double-income families, HMR targeting consumers who want to simply make a hot home-cooked meal is becoming popular of late.

bibigo, CJ CheilJedang's global Korean food brand, is a brand that has been strategically launched to promote the value and excellence of Korean food and to trigger the wave of true K-food in the global market.

After it succeeded in the frozen food market with its bibigo Korean Royal Court Dumpling" and "bibigo Korean Traditional Side Dishes", bibigo, as a representative brand of K-food, ambitiously launched this bibigo Korean Food HMR series, reflecting the brand's philosophy of differentiating with the best taste and quality.

Carefully inspected and taste-tested! bibigo Korean Food HMR Series with a proven taste

The new bibigo Korean Food HMR series consists of four selections: Thick Beef Bone Soup, Spicy Beef Soup, Kimchi Stew and Soybean Paste Stew. A stringent verification process was conducted to create the very 'taste' of Korea's four favorite soups and stews.

Food manufacturing experts such as those from CJ CheilJedang R&D center, marketing teams and plants, and upper management and even CJ CheilJedang's Korean food chefs and consumers all participated in the evaluation process. All bibigo products to be released in the future must survive this taste verification system in order to make it to the dinner tables of consumers.

One key aspect of the bibigo Korean Food HMR series is its maximized texture and freshness of ingredients with differentiated retort technology. Another aspect of the series is that it was developed as food that can be served at room temperature, taking into account storage conveniences for single or two-person families so that they can store the product for a long time and use as emergency food whenever they need it.

bibigo focused more on making it more delicious in order to break the stereotype that "room temperature food can be kept for a long time but its texture and taste is not the best." Decent home-cooked meals have been successfully reproduced by adding abundant ingredients to long-boiled and deeply satisfying meat broth.

Delicious story - What makes bibigo Soup & Stew special

▲ 'bibigo Thick Beef Bone Soup', just like how Mom makes it!

bibigo Thick Beef Bone Soup features its deeply satisfying soup made by boiling bones of healthy Australian beef for 8 hours. Its delicate and fresh taste comes from seven greens such as garlic, onions, spring onions, shiitake mushrooms, radishes and ginger in a meat broth.

With it, you can make a hot Korean traditional thick beef bone soup with beef slices and chopped green onions and thin noodles or make a rice cake and dumpling soup by adding slivers of rice cake and bibigo Korean Royal Court Dumplings. bibigo Thick Beef Bone Soup is essential for your cooking as you can use it as a base for various other kinds of soup.

▲ Make your meal even more delicious with your own recipe! Deeply satisfying bibigo Spicy Beef Soup

bibigo Spicy Beef Soup provides a deep and clean taste created by 3-hour boiled brisket broth with shredded brisket, taro stems and green onions. The stir-fried spicy chili pepper sauce further adds to its spicy taste.

Let's learn about the best way to serve bibigo Spicy Beef Soup! You can create a deeper taste by mixing in an egg to the boiled stew or make the meal richer by adding glass noodles. Or you can even make the trendy "Yukkal (spicy beef noodles)" by adding lightly boiled chopped noodles instead of rice.

▲ Always the best friend at your table! "bibigo Kimchi Stew"

bibigo Tofu Kimchi Stew is made by boiling oil-fried, well-fermented kimchi for a deeper taste and large tofu slices. Its fresh and deep taste comes from the combination of anchovies and kelp with a beef bone broth. The broth, kimchi and solid ingredients are all packed separately to ensure a fresh taste and rich texture.

If you add ramen noodles, sliced cheese, canned beans, sausages and hams, you can also make a nice spicy sausage stew. Whatever dish you make, the genuine taste of the broth guarantees its deep taste.

▲ A delicious and savory meal - bibigo Soybean Paste Stew

bibigo Soybean Paste Stew is made based on the deeply delicious taste of fermented soybean paste with various seasonings. Its fresh and delicious taste is created by adding shellfish, anchovies and kelp. Fresh tofu and selected shiitake mushrooms and various large chopped vegetables such as potatoes and onions are all combined into the delicious taste of a soybean paste stew that is cooked at home. If you are a meat lover, prepare about 200g of beef brisket. Slightly cook beef brisket in a pot at first, then add bibigo Soybean Paste Stew and boil it together. Enjoy a unique taste of beef brisket soybean paste stew.

Koreans are powered by rice! Have a nice and delicious meal with bibigo!

Next month, CJ CheilJedang will showcase its new "bibigo Spicy Sausage Stew" and release new selections of the Korean Food HMR series, such as Korean one-dish meals and side dishes. We’ve made unique attempts to break the stereotype that home meal replacements (HMR) are less delicious than homemade meals. bibigo will continuously add new menu selections to the HMR series, which can prove to be a nice meal that’s as delicious as a home-cooked meal by utilizing homemade recipes. To stay healthy and strong during the hot summer, having a nice meal is vital! Never miss a nice meal with the bibigo series! bibigo will always support you in your quest to bring deliciousness to your table.