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[Tune Up Season 17] 2016 1H Final Showcase Review


The contest for the 17th Tune Up, a musician support program of CJ Culture Foundation, is underway. The 2016 1H main showcase for the 17th Tune Up was held at the CJ Azit Gwangheungchang on July 18. Teams for main showcases are chosen through a contest in the first and second half of the year respectively. And winners in main showcases advance into the final showcase at the end of the year. Of course, a main showcase is just the first step to the final showcase. Now let's take a look at the tension-filled 2016 1H main showcase for the 17thTune Up!

The tension that filled the CJ Azit Gwnagheungchang!

A contest for the 17th Tune Up is held twice - in the first and second half of the year. The 1H contest received applications from May 12 to June 9. A ticket to a main showcase was given to teams who passed sound source and video screening. As the result of the contest, a total of 13 teams received a ticket to the main showcase for the first half of this year. The teams who made an amazing main showcase debut are: The Rubber-Glider, 57, Green Dolphin Street, O.O.O, The Alligators, Narang, Iamnot, Yksi, Land of Peace, Mr. Geppetto, MeloMance, Choi Nakta and O.WHEN.

The audience rushed into the showcase to support their favorite teams. They spared no effort to support the musicians, who will surely exhibit a great performance regardless of the result of the contest.

You can see judges as well. A total of seven judges, including Jeong Won-Young, Song Hong-Seop, Han Gyeong-Rok, DJ Soulscape and Horan, took in all the performances. They paid close attention to the messages from the musicians while carefully listening to their music.

Even the judges, whose job is to score the music, seemed to empathize with the contenders as a musician themselves while listening to the music. They looked serious while supporting the showcase with critiquing mind and passion. No doubt that tickets to the final showcase will be given based on music alone. Please support the contenders of the 17th Tune Up!

The excitement of the 1H main showcase of the 17th Tune Up!

The first band that appeared on the stage was "The Alligators". The brand consists of Yu Ji-Wan (vocals), Yu Tae-Gwan (guitar), Kim Young-Hoon (drum) and Park Jun-Cheol (bass). The name "The Alligators" came from an old song, "Alligator wine". They were clearly influenced by the music of old blues. They play music mixed with sounds of a band, daily life problems, worries and old blues. The band energized the stage with their songs "Yeousoju" and "Geukjangjeon".

Following The Alligators, Narang, a 4-person mixed band, appeared on the stage. Consisting of Lee Dong-Won (vocals), Moon Byeong-Hyeok (guitar), Kim So-Yeon (bass) and Choi Ju-Seong (drum), the band specializes in alternative rock. The band's name "Narang", which means "with", shows their willingness to become a band of members who can seamlessly communicate with one another. Their songs express the righteous rage, cynicism against lies and inner emotions of young people based on intense rock sounds. They projected a powerful performance on the stage with their songs "Sodom" and "Loosen up!".

Then, a 3-person band made an appearance. They are Iamnot consisting of Yim Heon-Il (vocals/guitar), Kim Jun-Ho (vocals/drum) and Yang Sion (bass). They overwhelmed the crowd even from the beginning of their first song. The team's name "Iamnot" is intended to make a strong impression on the public. Members of Bremen who had appeared on the scene in 2007 re-formed the band after 10 years. On the stage, they successfully presented their unique and wild sounds with sensuous beats from their songs "The Brand New Blues" and "Psycho".

The next performer was "Land of Peace". This rock band consists of Jeong Won-Jun (vocals), Lee Gyeong-Seok and Kim Min-Seok (guitars), Park Dong-Min (bass) and Park Hae-Ri (drum). Their performance was as relaxing and natural as palm trees along a tropical coastline. Their songs "Deulpan" and "What is the real fun of life?" proved why Land of Peace is so compelling. They presented sounds that are perfect for a summer night festival.

The following team was MeloMance, who fully demonstrated their charm. The team's name "MeloMance" comes from "Mellow" and "Romance", which means ‘singing sweet love songs’. MeloMance is an 'emotional' duo consisting of Kim Min-Seok, who calmly croons precious memories and Jeong Dong-Hwan, who plays gentle sounds on the piano that are full of love. The duo is increasing awareness of their refined performances and mass appeal. They gave a romantic performance with their songs "Kiss" and "Shyness".

The last musician I would like to introduce to you is a singer-songwriter Choi Nakta. He is loved for his witty lyrics and melodies and sweet voice based on acoustic sounds. Before his performance, he said that he would simply enjoy just being on stage as he already feels grateful to be on the stage with so many amazing teams. He successfully captivated the hearts of the audience with his songs "Love is never easy" and "Hide-and-seek".

See you again at the final showcase!

The 4-hour-long main showcase for the first half of this year presented the audience with the chance to experience music of various genres. The musicians on the stage and also the judges and the audience all became united with music. This is probably the reason why I am already beginning to look forward to the final showcase scheduled for the end of this year.

According to the screening of the 1H main showcase for the 17th Tune Up, six out of the total 13 teams advanced to the final. Please support them to help them attain an even greater performance at the final showcase to be held at the end of this year.

The Alligators
Choi Nakta
Land of Peace

In addition to these teams, The Rubber-Glider, 57, Green Dolphin Street, O.O.O, Mr. Geppetto and O.WHEN also performed their music at the showcase. I’d like to give a big hand to all the musicians who performed so well in the exciting festival venue full of music.

The main showcase for the first half of this year has successfully come to an end and the list of the six finalists has been announced. There will be another contest for the 17th Tune Up in the second half of this year. Winners of the 2H main showcase will also appear in the final showcase scheduled for the end of this year. Curiosity is abound over which teams will challenge the six teams selected in the 1H main showcase. The first step towards the 17th Tune Up! Please extend your support throughout the 17th Tune Up.