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Sending dream boxes for hopeful girls!


Sending dream boxes for hopeful girls! The 'Pink Box Sharing' campaign by Olive Young of CJ Olive Networks

The controversy over 'shoe insoles as a substitute for sanitary pads' is going viral on social media. Many people felt sad when they heard the testimony of a teacher that some students from low-income families use a shoe insole or toilet paper as a substitute for a sanitary pad or lie on a big towel while staying home during their period as they can't afford to buy sanitary pads. Isn't there any easy way to make these girls happy?

Olive Young makes 'Pink Box' to contain dream of girls.

▲ Olive Young's Pink Box Sharing campaign carried out with sincere hands

Olive Young, Korea's famous health and beauty store run by CJ Olive Networks, came up with an idea to address the recent "shoe insoles as a substitute for sanitary pads" issue that made many people feel sorry. The idea was named the 'Pink Box Sharing campaign by Olive Young’.

Whereas some girls a receive congratulations from their family for when they first start to menstruate, a sign of a healthy and growing woman, other girls feel so threatened by this time that it even compels them to stop going to school. So we prepared this campaign to make boxes of disposable feminine products and DIY cotton sanitary pads and donate them regularly.

▲ Even beginners can easily do the needlework by following along with a video.

Olive Young, a place as amusing as a theme park, can bring smiles to the faces of girls by solving their troubles together, starting from such a small one. Olive Young specifically prepared a 'sharing' event for this.

That was the Pink Box Sharing campaign held at CJ HumanVille located in Chungmu-ro, Seoul, on July 22. Despite the hot weather, over 100 employees of CJ Olive Networks gathered together in CJ HumanVille and challenged the making of Pink Boxes with sincere hands.

Making one stitch at a time with a warm heart!

▲ A more precious gift made on their own!

The activities tasked to participants of the Olive Young Pink Box Sharing campaign were 'making DIY cotton sanitary pads by needlework' and 'decorating an eco bag with paint pens’. In response to the question "Have you ever done needlework before?", most of them say "First time", while feeling slightly embarrassed.

But don't worry at all! They've got everything they need to successfully finish their needlework: from the instruction video and manual to activists from Seoul Volunteer Center who came to help them. Most of all, they appeared active and energetic to make it on their own although they lacked needlework skills.

▲ A unique eco bag is made after painting and drying!

They placed a DIY cotton sanitary pad made by needlework and disposable feminine products (sanitary pads) in an eco bag decorated with special unwashable paint pens. It is desirable to use a cotton sanitary pad in terms of health or environment but they also put disposable products in the box as the cotton pad might not be familiar to them as of yet.

They made stitches with deep consideration and care, thinking that the cotton pad could be carried and used by young students all the time.

Olive Young employees appeared to be completely immersed in their work! Among them was Hur Min-Ho, CEO of Olive Young. Like others, he was lost in the work with an intense look on his face! Looking up now and then with a slightly bashful smile from time to time, he kept himself busy with his needlework.

▲ Completely fixated on their work!

▲ What can be found in the Olive Young Pink Box? A DIY cotton sanitary pad and feminine products in a beautiful eco bag!

Seon Bo-Gyeong, product division director of CJ Olive Networks describes the campaign as "Olive Young's special sharing activity based on the nature of the company's business".

"We felt really sorry that girls are reluctant to go to school as they can't afford to buy sanitary pads," she said. "All our employees and partners sympathized with their distress and we began to think about what we could do for them. That's why we held the Pink Box Sharing campaign today."

"We will hold this campaign regularly and develop it into a special sharing activity based on the characteristics of our business that puts the healthy beauty of women first. With this sharing campaign, we will strive to help girls realize their dream rather than simply donating feminine products."

▲ "Cheer up! We are on your side. Dream and spread your wings!"

Over 100 Pink Boxes were made in the first Olive Young Pink Box campaign. These gifts containing wishes for the healthy and happy lives of girls were delivered to girls from low-income families via Seoul Youth Health Center ("I AM SPRING").

We all wish that the pink boxes we made with all our hearts are delivered to those who really need them.

Olive Young supports a healthy future of girls

▲ Making one stitch at a time with a smile through the assistance from volunteers

This is not the first time Olive Young has supported young girls. Since 2014, Olive Young has been engaged in UNESCO Girls' Education campaign to provide girls in developing countries with education opportunities, donating profits of 200 million won so far.

A video on the slogan of UNESCO Girls' Education campaign, "Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Change" also recently became the talk of the country. Last May, we also launched our volunteer team ‘Share with Olive’, which has been actively engaged in volunteer activities ever since.

Olive Young Pink Box campaign that launched this July is in line with these activities, through which we are dreaming of reaching a bigger world.

▲ Olive Young X UNESCO Girls' Education "Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Change"

The Olive Young Pink Box campaign will be held every two months as a regular volunteer activity participated by every member of our company. We plan to continue to deliver 200,000 disposable feminine products (sanitary pads) and cotton sanitary pads hand-made by our employees.

For this, five partners of Olive Young: Lillian, Sofy, Hannah Pad, Yejimiin and Natra Care will join the sharing program. In addition, even our customers will automatically join in on the ethical consumption as Olive Young will donate 1% of our feminine product sales to girls from low-income familites.

▲ Olive Young supports a happy future of girls!

A happy future of girls is the most important key to a healthy and beautiful world that Olive Young longs for. Olive Young will continue our care to help girls build their dreams.

We will extend a helping hand to girls who cannot pursue their dreams due to poverty and become their reliable friend with our Olive Young Pink Box campaign so that they can run, smile and dream together.