VIPS Cheers for Young Customers! Enjoy the Salad


VIPS Cheers for Young Customers! Enjoy the Salad Bar at a discounted price with 'Youth Ticket.'

With 'Youth Ticket,' young customers aged 20 to 25 (born in 1992 to 1997) can enjoy VIPS salad bar at a 32% discount on the regular price for an unlimited number of times.

'VIPS Youth Theme Park' for young customers

VIPS Cheers for Young Customers! Enjoy the Salad Bar at a discounted price with Youth Ticket Poster image 

My Number One Steak House VIPS will carry out the 'Youth Theme Park' campaign targeting young customers aged 20 to 25 through to the end of September.

This campaign, which launched on July 20, helps add vitality to the daily lives of young people aged between 20 and 25 (born in 1992 to 1997) who are worried about study and employment prospects, and sending them a supportive message.

VIPS is planning to present a total of seven programs, including 'Youth Salad Bar' and 'Youth Rest Area,' in order to let them have a pleasant time eating, playing and healing as if they were at a theme park.

To join the campaign, they have only to log onto CJ ONE homepage, access the event page, receive the 'Youth Ticket,' and visit a VIPS store with the ticket and ID card.

The 'Youth Salad Bar' is a program for enjoying the VIPS salad bar at a discount of up to 32% of the regular price an unlimited number of times during the campaign period from July 20 to September 30.

Only for customers aged 20-25, all stores of VIPS, except VIPS Express and VIPs My Pick, serve a weekday lunch at 14,900 won (regular price: 21,900 won), and dinner for weekdays, weekend and holiday at 22,900 won (regular price: 29,700 won). During the same period, VIPS stores around the university will offer a gathering area at no cost.

The Youth Rest Area is available in a total of six VIPS stores around university: branches of Daehangno, Sinchon, Aju University, Busan Oncheonjang Station, Daegu Dongseongno, and Gwangju Chungjangno. If you reserve a table at the Youth Rest Area by telephone in advance, you can use it from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, and can be served drinks including coffee, tea and others at just 1,000 won (one per person).

In addition, other special benefits are provided for customers who use the Youth Salad Bar. The Hongik University branch will present tickets for the musical 'Broadway 42nd Street' to 24 young customers in order of application on July 24 (two tickets per person), and all VIPS stores will offer a discount coupon for the Olive Young online mall throughout August.

From August 3 to the end of September, you can enjoy Hot Chicken, Mac & Cheese and Melting Choco Cake at the 'Youth Menu' zone, and Yum Stone Tenderloin Steak and 1997 Steak are served if you add 14,800 won and 12,000 won (based on weekday lunch) respectively to the price of the Youth Salad Bar.

From mid-August, programs for customer participation, including 'Youth Literary Contest,' 'Youth Supporters,' and 'Youth Party,' will be provided through the VIPS official online channels, such as its homepage and Facebook page.

A representative of CJ Foodville said "This campaign cheers up young people tired of living and helps to establish communication with them. I hope it will be a chance to give a healing time to the 20-25 generation, the leaders of the future."