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CJ CheilJedang Releases Semi-cooked Convenience Me


CJ CheilJedang Releases Semi-cooked Convenience Meal, 'Beksul Cookit'

CJ CheilJedang releases a new semi-cooked convenience meal, 'Beksul Cookit’, which enables anyone to simply cook a great meal at home.

Simplicity + Pleasure of Cooking = Beksul Cookit!

Semi-cooked Convenience Meal Beksul Cookit products

Semi-cooked convenience meal (Meal kit) contains all the sub-ingredients for cooking to maximize the convenience of cooking a meal. It has already been a popular item in overseas countries, where the convenience meal market has been developed, such as the US, Europe and Japan.

The US convenience meal market is the largest in the world, with its size amounting to about three trillion won last year. Semi-cooked meals have accounted for 13% of the US convenience meal market, encompassing frozen and instant food, showing a steady growth rate.

CJ CheilJedang has recently released 'Beksul Cookit’, reflecting the rapid growth of the domestic convenience meal market and expecting growing demand for semi-cooked convenience meals.

It is highly expected the new product will appeal to customers who want the pleasure of simply cooking because it enables them to complete a decent cooking in a short time provided they have the necessary raw ingredients such as meat or vegetables. In contrast to cooked convenience meals, they can cook a great meal with fresh and safe raw ingredients chosen by them.

'Beksul Cookit' consists of sub-ingredients except raw ingredients and sauce. You have only to coat the chicken or pork with the enclosed power to fry it, and spread the sauce on to give flavor.

All ingredients are properly mixed to a secret ratio that lets customers simply cook what they have never even dreamed of cooking at home, like sweet and sour pork or sweet and sour chicken, and achieve great tasting food.

For example, if you buy all individual ingredients for sweet and sour pork and cook them at home, it probably takes more than an hour to complete the food, while if you use 'Beksul Cookit glutinous rice sweet and sour pork,' it takes only 20 minute to coat pork with powder, fry it, add vegetables to the sauce mixed at the optimum ratio, and boil it.

It is particularly cost-effective considering that while the two to three servings of glutinous rice sweet and sour pork fetch about 20,000 won, 'Beksul Cookit glutinous rice sweet and sour pork' is available at a price of less than 10,000 won.

In comparison with Home Meal Replacement (HMR) which you have only to put in the microwave because it’s already cooked, 'Beksul Cookit' needs some part of cooking. Noticeably, it minimizes the inconvenience of preparing all the individual ingredients, and gives the pleasure of cooking.

In part of its differentiated strategies, 'Beksul Cookit' targeted three to four-person households who cook at least one meal at home, unlike single households who usually buy HMR. Particularly, it caught the demand of parents willing to cook for their children, and is committed to targeting the niche market.

Office Manager Lee Jeong-Woo of CJ CheilJedang's marketing team said "the 'Beksul Cookit,' Korea's first semi-cooked convenience meal brand, enables anyone to easily cook, awakening a hidden instinct of cooking. We will aggressively promote 'Beksul Cookit' as a 'healthy convenience meal' for the brand to reach 10 billion won in annual sales within a year after launch.'

'Beksul Cookit' consists of eight menus: four Asian menus including 'glutinous rice sweet and sour pork kit,' 'sweet and sour chicken kit,' 'okonomiyaki kit,' and 'potato wheat flakes noodles kit'; and four Western menus including 'cream risotto kit,' 'truffle risotto kit,' 'mac & cheese kit,' and 'mashed potato kit.' It has a price range between 3,480 won and 4,980 won, and is available at large stores around the country.