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CJ Group volunteer to help students at study rooms


About 2,000 executives and staff members of CJ Group volunteer to help students at study rooms stay healthy this summer

CJ Group (CEO Lee Jae-Hyun) engaged in various kinds of volunteer work to help children and teenagers stay healthy in study rooms this summer.

Stay healthy with CJ this summer!

staff members of CJ Group volunteer to help students at study rooms

CJ Group operates 'CJ Donors Camp' to support socially vulnerable children and teenagers. About 2,200 executives and staff members of CJ Group visited 300 study rooms in community child centers from late June to July 22 to do volunteer work for hygiene and general cleaning, as well as offering some tasty summer delicacies.

CJ Donors Camp said "we specifically planned the volunteer work based on what would be needed most in study rooms, given the high levels of air pollution and food poisoning resulting from poor sanitation over summer. We focused on dusting surfaces, and removing any mold from the bathroom and kitchen because these are tasks which are difficult for a small cohort of teachers and students to do regularly.

There was a thorough clean-up by groups of staff, with between four to eight executives and staff assigned to each group depending on the size of study room. After all, all staff and executives had a pleasant time together with teachers and students in the study rooms and offered them various kinds of delicious food, including cold noodles and sweet and sour chicken made from CJ CheilJedang foodstuffs to help them stay healthy this summer.

A representative of CJ Group said "CJ has operated various volunteer work programs involving workers from CJ Group and its affiliates under the three principles of social contribution: 'sustainability, business connection, and staff participation.' We will continue to do volunteer work and realize sharing as part of our commitment to supporting health care for children and teenagers during the summer season.”

In addition to volunteer work for hygiene and cleanliness, CJ Group has engaged in different kinds of volunteer work depending on the period: holiday meals on the table for national holidays, various cultural activities and special parties full of delicious food on Children's Day and Christmas, and kimchi-making and cooking dumplings and grilled short ribs in winter.