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Opens Character Exhibition & Experience Hall


From Hello Kitty to a Limited Edition Iron Man Figure
CJ Foodville Opens Character Exhibition & Experience Hall in N Seoul Tower

- CJ Foodville opens the character exhibition & experience hall involving Hello Kitty and Iron Man with floor space of 300 pyeong on the fifth floor of N Seoul Tower
- To celebrate the opening of the exhibition hall, a lot of events will be held throughout August, including 'scratch coupon,' 'time-limited price discount,' and a 'gift presentation'

Hello Kitty Island in N Seoul Tower.

CJ Foodville (CEO Jung Moon-Mok), the global dining culture company leading the multiple dining culture space business, announced on August 1st that it would open the character exhibition hall consisting of 'Hello Kitty Island' and 'SSENTOY Museum & Show Room' in N Seoul Tower.

N Seoul Tower, which has been loved by the public as a rest area in central Seoul, is a tower that stands 236.7m tall, on top of Namsan Mountain (262m high) in the heart of the city. At 480m above sea level, it offers a breathtaking view of Seoul, enabling visitors to enjoy the revolving panorama of the city. That is why many domestic and foreign tourists, families and couples visit the tower to experience a fantastic nighttime atmosphere, away from the 'tropical nights' of the summer season.

A representative of CJ Foodville said "we have opened the character exhibition hall in N Seoul Tower to offer domestic and foreign visitors a new experience to appreciate both a splendid view and popular characters in one place."

Play and Enjoy a Children in Hello Kitty Island

There are two character exhibitions are open currently. 'Hello Kitty Island' features 'Hello Kitty History Zone' which shows a history of Hello Kitty marking her 42nd birthday, 'Hello Kitty House,' and 'Hello Kitty Street,' providing visitors with various experience opportunities. 'SSENTOY Museum & Show Room' is a collaboration with SSENTOY, which sells rare limited edition figures and consists of 'Hero Zone,' 'SF Zone,' and 'Animation Zone,' which allows a virtual reality experience with diorama, as well as 'Limited-edition Figure Exhibition.'

Iron Man Figure

N Seoul Tower will hold many events throughout August to celebrate the opening of the character exhibition. A scratch coupon is offered to customers who visit three exhibition halls including the observatory and a store selling food and drinks. Winners are presented with limited edition character goods.

Customers who own tickets for the character exhibition can get discounts at food and drink stores, or order additional menu items free at the designated time every day. For visitors of the character exhibition, gifts will be also presented by order of arrival every day throughout August.

[Reference] N Seoul Tower Character Exhibition & Experience Hall

• Location

N Seoul Tower 5th floor (105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)

• Running Time

Open: 10:00 ~ Close: 23:00 (Open all the year round, Allowed to enter until at 22:00)

• Admission Fee


Single Item

2-Item Package 

3-Item Package  


Hello Kitty Island 

SSENTOY Museum & Show Room 

N Seoul Tower Observatory + Hello Kitty Island 

N Seoul Tower Observatory + SSENTOY Museum & Show Room

N Seoul Tower Observatory + Hello Kitty Island + SSENTOY Museum & Show Room 













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