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[Good Wife×CJ Donors Camp] Fund-raising project


[Good Wife×CJ Donors Camp] 
Fund-raising project to support 
the Group Home girls’ independence
Please make a donation for the girls’ dreams

Please make a donation for the girls’ dreams

From ‘Misaeng’, the ‘Reply’ series, ‘Signal’ to ‘Dear my friends’

Following the success of previous series which have become the talk of the town, tvN’s new TV drama ‘Good Wife’ will be aired on July 8.

The drama has attracted many people’s attention thanks to the performance of famed actress Jeon Do-Yeon, who plays the heroine Hye-Kyung, in her TV return after 11 years. In addition, the appearances of famous actors Yu Ji-Tae and Yoon Kye-Sang in the drama offer high expectations.

About Good Wife of tvN

Good Wife shows how Hye-Kyung (Jeon Do-Yeon), a housewife, can act with maturity. She used to be top of her class in law school, but lived as a housewife after getting married with prosecutor Lee Tae-Jun (Yu Ji-Tae). After a corruption scandal, however, he is behind bars. She returns to work as a lawyer to stand for the family and achieve her dreams. Good Wife is a story of that the woman who lived as a common housewife who returns to work to fulfil herself.

Good Wife supports the dreams of girls.

Good Wife supports the dreams of girls

Not long ago, a pitiful story of impoverished girls who cannot afford to buy sanitary pads touched many people’s hearts and garnered widespread public supports. Young girls face challenges that boys don’t need to.

Children who are from broken homes and have no place to go seek stability in Group Home facilities and make new families. Coming of age, however, they are forced to leave the families and stand on their own two feet. These children, especially girls, face more risks if driven out of their house because, though still weak and young, they are seen as adults in society. That is why girls in Group Homes cannot just celebrate their 18th birthday without any concern.

In Good Wife, although Kim Hye-Kyung lived as a housewife after a career break for 15 years, she was able to return to work thanks to her job as a law professional. Unfortunately, this is not a story of girls in Group Homes, but the future of girls will be bright if they have vocational training and build up knowledge in professional occupations, even if not as a lawyer.

Storyfunding with Good Wife

Jeon Do-Yeon, Yu Ji-Tae and Yoon Kye-Sang, the leading stars of tvN’s new drama Good Wife, support the dreams of girls with CJ Donors Camp.

For girls with dreams of being a hairdresser, illustrator, barista or entering university to study more, please join the project so as to support them in preparing their first steps in society

Project period: July 6 – August 28 2016 for 54 days

The target figure: 5,000,000 KRW

To join: Please visit CJ Donors Camp homepage or Daum Storyfunding

Your participation will give girls in the Group Homes power and courage

Your participation will give girls in the Group Homes power and courage.