CJ Food System Applies Healthy Menu to Group Meals


CJ Food System (Rep.: Lee, Tae Ho) announced that they would provide healthy menus to certain group meal sections. The menus devised include the multi-nutritious boiled rice, along with 14other dishes, and the group has promised to develop an additional 30menus by the end of this year.

The concept of CJ Food System’s ‘Healthy Menu’ is that we revel in our heads, mouths, and hearts the natural healthy foods that are a modernized combination of traditional dishes and natural ingredients.

Initially, CJ Food System are going to apply this strategy to office sections and professor’s canteens at universities. After September, they will be expanding areas into hospitals and schools.

A party concerned with CJ Food System spoke, "We have developed these menus in order to satisfy the customers’ spreading desires of healthy life, which are instigated by the well-being culture. “Concerning the customers’ health, we will turn the menus into high-quality meals.”