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CJ donates gifts to more than 4,000 study-room tea


CJ Group donates gifts to more than 4,000 Study Room teachers for Family Month

CJ Group employees who delivered gifts to teachers of Ellim child care center in Seoul to celebrate Teacher’s Day!

▲ In Seoul, CJ Group employees delivered gifts to teachers of Ellim Study Room to celebrate Teacher’s Day!

CJ Group plans to deliver red ginseng products to teachers of 4,037 Study Rooms (local childcare center) by May 15 through its CJ Donors Camp (http://donorscamp.org), its distinguished social contribution project that supports education programs. In addition, CJ Group will invite approximately 700 teachers from the Study Rooms to CGV movie theaters in Busan, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, and Jeju on May 14 to watch the movie 4th Place, directed by Jung Ji-woo.

In Seoul, CJ Group is scheduled to offer a cultural opportunity, which involves taking 80 teachers to CJ Azit Daehangno, a cultural space that was opened last April, to see Pinky and Granzort, a play created through the support program of the CJ Culture Foundation.

“For the past 10 years, I’ve partaken in CJ Group's great efforts to improve the educational environment of underprivileged children and support one of the group’s core educational programs, Dream-Up Camp. I have often felt that there is a general lack of social support and interest for Study Room teachers as well as children,” remarked a staff member of CJ Donors Camp. “CJ Group has been sponsoring Teacher’s Day events since 2010 as a means to express its gratitude and support for teachers who are striving to improve the overall educational environment for children, despite facing challenging circumstances.”

Aside from the Teacher’s Day events that are organized as part of CJ Donors Camp, CJ Group provides a diverse range of social contribution programs to help celebrate May, renowned for being Family Month.

On May 3 and 4, approximately 130 employees of CJ Group took time to visit 45 Study Rooms throughout the Greater Seoul area to connect with 500 children by savoring some of the food they made together during its Children’s Day party. In addition to this, on May 19 and 27, CJ Group plans to help children with physical disabilities enjoy cultural experiences and an athletic meet in Holt Special School in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province.

Based on CJ Group chairman Lee Jay-hyun’s sharing principle of “poverty should not be passed on to the next generation due to low access to education”, CJ Donors Camp, which was founded in 2005, has been supporting approximately 100,000 children through 4,000 Study Rooms across the country to help them grow into becoming valuable members of society by providing academic, cultural, character, and career education.

Meanwhile, Lee, who always emphasizes social contribution with continuity, business infrastructure usage and employee participation, has been applying his principle to business management by participating in volunteering efforts such as kimchi-making and furniture-making, as well as developing the CJ Sharing Foundation and CJ Culture Foundation over the past 10 years.