Net Marble, Flash Game Zone Open



CJ Internet has announced that flash games will be available through Entertainment Portal Net Marble. On August 4th, the CJ Internet begins with 12 games of different kind from puzzle, board, shooting, action and etc through the flash game zone in Net Marble. And by end of the year, about 50 games will be available. Presenting flash games are as follows button and ghost in puzzle games as 'Tori Halloween' and 'Button Pangpang' also a sports game with cute character, 'Sweet Shot' etc. all together 12 games. Especially a famous off-line game 'Washroom 369', a game of 369 is a game that characters in the game are on the toilet seat as they play 369, and it is a unique item which provides fun and laughter to all.

Through this flash game service, the CJ Internet focuses on adding value as a game portal brand by deepening the relationship with each age groups and gender. And also providing interesting contents will strengthen the function as an entertainment platform.