CJ Cable Net KyeongNam Broadcast, Digital Broadcast Released


On August 4th morning, an opening ceremony for 'Hello D' of CJ Cable Net KyeongNam Broadcast was held at Digital Media Centre in ShinWal Dong with 30 participants including Tae-Ho Kim, ChangWon- city, the governor of province, and representatives from mass media and provincial institutions. The Hello D service is  both way digital cable broadcast with 100 video channels and 30 audio channels are given as basic service, and also it provides other services such as video on demand, movie reservation, and data broadcasting with additional cost. Present service is available to ChangWon, JinHae, and surrounding areas on this month and for services in Masan. TongYeoung, GeoJae. And HamAn areas will be available in the beginning of 2006. Especially the HELLO D service uses an open-cable-method by renting a reception card with information to attach to it from the local business man. So there are no boundaries to information since the setup is done with a method instructed by the government for users