Film ‘Sympathy for lady vengeance’ is making a hit in the early stage.



Film ‘Sympathy for lady vengeance’ is making a hit in the early stage.

The film attracted 250,000 viewers nationwide on the first day of its release, setting the top record among the films released this year.

“There were over 900,000 viewers nationwide during two days on the weekend. It is predicted that there will be more than 1.5million viewers for 4 days from Thursday, the first day, to Sunday.” an official of CJ entertainment, the distributor, said.

It is the best of all time, even better than ‘Taegukgi’ which has attracted over 10 million viewers last year.

It is drawing more attention in that ‘Taegukgi’ is a blockbuster on which 14 billion wons were invested, relatively small amount of 4.2 billion wons were invested in making  ‘Sympathy for lady vengeance’  and that it is not a completely commercial film.

This film has been much talked about before the release because of acting change of Lee, Young-Ae and for that it is the final chapter of vengeance series of director Park, Chan-Wook and for its prior export to Japan.

‘Sympathy for lady vengeance’ has earned a substantial amount of money from overseas export.

Its sales have reached 5 million dollars (about 5 billion wons) in total from 20 countries including prior export contract of 3 billion wons in Japan.