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CJ Sharing Foundation Published <2007 CJ Corporate Citizens’ Report>


CJ Sharing Foundation published <2007 CJ Corporate Citizens’ Report> on the 6th of May. This report contains various efforts made by CJ for better future, such as through Donor’s Camp, the online site to spread happiness through sharing and Food Bank, the project to support livelihood of the socially weak, as well as the program of developing and sharing culture as the basis of a leading country. This report is characterized for being consisted with overviews and introductions per major project of health, education and culture as well as columns written personally by people who had been participating in the projects. is the second report to be published following published in 2003 by CJ, the living and culture company to give health, pleasure and convenience.


This report covers activities performed from January 1, 2004 after publication of the first report to December 31, 2007. Information was collected by organizing independent corporate citizens’ report TFT participated by key personnel of each field and verification was conducted by forming compilation committee. The report covers CJ Sharing/ Cultural Foundation and 10 major affiliates (CJ Cheil Jedang, CJ Fresh Way, CJ Foodville, CJ Home Shopping, CJ GLS, CJ Media, CJ CGV, CJ Internet, CJ Cable Net and CJ Systems). It is being planned to include performances from overseas bu