CJ CGV is set to unveil a cutting-edge Imax movie theater


 After introducing the advanced multiplex movie theater in Korea in 1998, CGV is set to unveil a cutting-edge Imax movie theater. CJ-CGV CEO Park Dong-ho announced that the company concluded an exclusive contract for the establishment of Korean Imax with Canada’s Imax Company, a leader in the Imax business. CGV is expected to open a total of 6 Imax theaters in Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Gwangju, and Insan by 2007.

The contract was finally concluded after more than 5 years of negotiations with Imax Company, which seeks to advance into the Korean market through CJ CGV. 

 “CJ-CGV is an ideal partner because it is the leading Korean multiplex company equipped with the best facilities. We are excited to advance into the Korean market, where the movie industry is rapidly developing,” said co-CEOs.

CJ-CGV CEO Park Dong-ho expects the contract with Imax Company to mark another turning point in the history of Korean movie theater and entertainment industry.

Developed by Imax Company in 1967, the Imax movie medium features a big display screen with a maximal wide angle.  The Imax screen boasts of a super large display system that is 9 times broader than 35mm movies and clear resolution. There are 248 Imax theaters all over the world including the US, Europe, Canada, China, and Japan.