CJ is hungry for success abroad


Below is the excerpted article from the JoongAng Daily on January 25,2005.


CJ group is aiming to expand its catering business worldwide, boosted by the success of its bakeries in China last year. .
The announcement came a week after the group established a subsidiary in China for baked goods. The company, Beijing Bakery, will be running CJ Corp.'s bakery chain Tous les Jours as an "antennae" shop, then will eventually turn it into a franchise. .
CJ Corp. will also create production facilities in the United States for its baking operations in the first half of this year. The company opened its first shop in May last year near the suburbs of Los Angeles and plans to open another this year..
"Through different positioning strategies, we will seek new markets in the United States and China, among other countries," said Chung Jin-gu, senior official of the group's restaurant division. "For instance, the concept of bakeries is different in the United States, and we won't be targeting just Korean-Americans. Tous les Jours in the United States will be something between a bakery and a cafe." .
Earlier this month, CJ Foodville, an affiliate that runs restaurant and deli chains, took over fusion noodle chain Czen and upscale Thai restaurant chain After the Rain. It will open branches of each in China later this year..
CJ Foodville currently has seven restaurant brands, including American diner-style Skylark Korean family restaurant HanCook steakhouse and buffet chain VIPS and Delacucina, a deli chain. .
"In Korea, restaurant chains are mostly foreign brands such as Bennigans or TGI Friday's. While other companies are importing these foreign-based restaurant chains, we're taking our own chains abroad," said Yang Won-il, a CJ Foodville official. .
CJ Foodville is also developing a restaurant brand that will serve traditional Korean food. "We hope to have at least one restaurant in every major country by 2007," Mr. Chung said..