CJ participation in development of Indonesian livestock business growth



Indonesian livestock and fishery industries grow fast. It is indicated by development of a number of new livestock businesses, both in small and medium scale. Although there has ever been a handicap caused by bird flu epidemic hitting all over countries in the world, including Indonesia, it has never been diminishing livestock business to compete in global level.


The government, in the effort of supporting and participating in the business held a number of programs and meetings for the purpose of developing livestock business. One of them is Livestock Industrial Expo (INDO LIVESTOCK 2004 EXPO & FORUM) held on 24󈞆 August 2004 in JCC (Jakarta Convention Center), Senayan, Jakarta.



It is classified as the biggest International Livestock Industrial Expo in Indonesia and as the second event after the first one held successfully in Bali, July 19, 2002. The Expo was supported by Government, poultry companies association, breeding companies association, Association of Feed Companies, as well as PT Napindo Ashatama as organizer.


The event was pa