CJ brings out New Lifestyles through Sports

  • Tennis, Taekwondo

Spread of K-Culture through Taekwondo sponsorship

CJ Group is leading the spread of K-Culture and letting the world know the spirit and excellence of Taekwondo, Korea's national sport and a vital aspect of Korean wave contents, by sponsoring Taekwondo in Vietnam where many affiliates of the Group are located.

  • Fostering the Vietnamese national Taekwondo team
    The Group is recruiting renowned coaches in Korea to send them to Vietnam to improve the Vietnamese national Taekwondo team and sponsoring the team for training in Korea and entering international competitions.
  • Hosting CJ National Youth Taekwondo Championship
    Since 2019, it has hosted 'CJ National Youth Taekwondo Championship,' the first Vietnamese national title sponsored by an international enterprise and provided youth in Vietnam with chances to enter the competition, putting much effort to become the brand trusted by the Vietnamese.