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    CJ Logistics SUPERRACEChampionship' is the largest auto racing competition in Korea that was approved for the title of 'Championship' by the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA) under the affiliation of International Automobile Federation(FIA). It has grown rapidly and become one of the Korea's leading motor sports. CJ Logistics SUPERRACE Championship holds Asia's only stock car race, Korea'srepresentative touring car race, GT and the world's only BMW M one-make race which attract famous overseas competitions, includingprototype-style Radical Cup Korea. The CadillacCT4 One-Make Race will be added in 2021,delivering the true joy and excitement of motor sports.
    In addition, the first e-motor sports series in Korea, 'CJ Logistics e-SUPERRACE', has been newly launched since 2020, bringing a new joy that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardlessof time and space.

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  • Stock Car

    Stock Car is a high-performance racing vehicle developed by SUPERRACE for thepurpose of popularizing Korean motor sports. It is a racing car that specially designed only for racing and equipped with an 8-cylinder engine (6,200cc) that exhibits a maximum output of 436 horsepower, and boasts a powerful performance that exceeds the maximum speed of 300km/h. Inthe “SUPER 6000” class, which is the top class of the SUPERRACE Championship, you can meet the most dynamic Stock Car races.


CJ Logistics Racing Team

CJ Logistics Racing Team is a successor to CJ Racing Team which has won SUPERRACE Super 6000 Class Series Championships in 2009.
CJ Logistics Racing Team welcomes Sunghak Mun & Gwangbin Choi who are the up-and-coming phonetics drivers.

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  • Coach & Driver Hwang Jin-Woo Sung-Hak, Mun
    Sung-Hak, Mun
    • 2013 F1 Ambassador
    • 2010 Participated in Formula BMW Asia
    • 2009 F3 Testing with Carlin Motorsport
    • 2007 Participated in the Formula Renault series (3rd place in 8 games / 9th in point ranking)
    • 2001 Participated in Korea Kart Championship
  • Gwang-bin, Choi Gwang-Bin, Choi
    Gwang-Bin, Choi
    • 2019 CJ Logistics Superrace Championship GT1 Series : 2nd place (achieved course record)
    • 2019 GT1 Class, Veloster N Cup (One Racing Team / Picamol Racing)
    • 2018 CJ Logistics Superrace Championship Avante Cup Masters : 2nd overall
    • 2017 KSF Hyundai Avante Cup Challenge Series : 2nd place
    • 2012~ 2016 Introduced to Kart – Junior-Senior Class (F5 Monster)