my no.1 steakhouse vips

my no.1 steakhouse vips

My No.1 Steak House

VIPS is an original Korean brand which does not pay loyalties to a foreign company.
Authentic premium steak, which was offered only by luxurious steakhouse,
and diverse and fresh seasonal salad bar are loved by all age groups


Very Important Person’s Society

VIPS is the abbreviation of Very Important Person’s Society.
This is the mindset of VIPS “To serve each of customers as an important guest.”

My No. 1 Steak House where you can experience beyond steak and salad. Enjoy all these at VIPS.

  • Steak

    More delicious VIPS special steak cooked with VIP’s exclusive know-how. Experience the unforgettable taste!

    Enjoy the diverse cooking methods from broiling to pan frying and
    yum stone. Juicy and marveled quality meat is oven grilled for a
    better taste.

  • Salad Bar

    Fresh ingredients are
    delivered in the morning for the salad bar!

    Fresh salads and crispy chickens with many kinds of pizza and pasta. Don’t miss the premium dessert, too.

Steak Salad Bar


Retaste: Suggesting a new experience of taste!

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Live Kitchen&
Concept Store
VIPS pursues diverse experience of ‘food culture’ fit with customers by providing fun experiences linked to ‘taste’.
‘VIPS Live Kitchen’ provides meals carefully cooked by chefs on site, and the cultural space for all age groups with different concept stores in different locations.

Live Kitchen&Concept Store