Quality Promise

‘it’sWell’ is a representative private brand of CJ Freshway that proudly offers products of unrivaled quality. It is Korea’s No.1 food material distribution brand that covers everything from agricultural products, fisheries, livestock products to processed products and non-food materials.

Delivering the taste of nature and original freshness intact to the dining table

"Delivering the taste of nature and original freshness intact to the dining table"

  • freshway

    Agricultural products

    Freshness and high quality are guaranteed with outstanding local
    products and direct purchases from farms,
    with price competitiveness secured.
    Freshway provides safe food ingredients through outstanding food safety expertise.


  • Marine products

    Thorough and close management from harvesting to finished products
    results in honest products with the highest quality, consistent volume and salinity.
    All marine products are strictly processed and
    safely distributed by HACCP certified companies.


  • Livestock products

    Only domestic livestock processed by HACCP certified companies
    and directly imported products are used. Freshness is the upmost
    priority of quality with systematic management by production route and
    the cold chain system.


  • Processed food
    / Non-food materials

    It’swell’s processed food and non-food materials have undergone thorough quality testing; in other words, It’swell only handpicks and deals in differentiated products that have proven themselves of high value in terms of factors such as price, hygiene, diversity, and ease of use. It’swell produces and supplies its products in a more systematic and stable manner than other brands through its partner companies which possess excellent quality management capabilities and exemplary production facilities compliant with HACCP, ISO, etc.


Quality Promise
We promise you the good quality