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Spreading the taste and excellence of Korean food to the world
Global Korean food brand ‘Bibigo’

Pride of Korean Food

Bibigo rice

Share Korean FlavorPride of Korean Food

Bibigo contains the pride and dream of CJ’s 60 years of history.
CJ started making sugar in 1953 when Korea was under difficult time due to the war and made people to feel happiness with food again.
CJ has developed with Korean food culture since then, Based on the understanding of Korea food for the long past history, CJ has created the global Korean food brand ‘Bibigo.’

  • Fresh Korean Kitchen

    Fresh Korean Kitchen

    Bibigo uses the most tasty and fresh ingredients
    of the season and cook with Bibigo’s unique but
    traditional and diverse recipe of Korean food.

  • Healthy & Fresh

    Healthy & Fresh

    Diverse natural ingredients from the west, east,
    and south coasts and regional recipes.
    Offering healthy Korean food with ingredients from
    the nature and cooked by people.

  • Harmony & Balance

    Harmony & Balance

    Korean food of Bibigo satisfies five senses with colors
    and tastes and diverse ingredients make balance for
    perfect harmony.

  • Art of Fermentation

    Art of Fermentation

    Fermented sauces are representative food of Korea made
    with beans from the earth and salt from the sea.
    These foods contain Korean’s lively spirits.

Bibigo proudly spreads Korean food in the world

Bibigo proudly spreads Korean food in the world

Bibigo in UCLA, the US

Passion for Korean food delivering to the world

Global Korean food brand Bibigo makes new lifestyle by adding modern value to the unique tradition of Korean food. Bibigo aims to make healthy food culture by sharing the philosophy of Korean food culture through products and restaurants containing the taste and spirit of Korean food.

Bibigo at restaurants, Bibigo at home

  • Bibigo at restaurants

    Enjoy healthy and delicious Korean foods at bibigo restaurants with the reinterpretation of Korean beauty where you can refresh the exhausting life.

  • Bibigo at home

    Enjoy bibigo products at home for the great taste of Korean foods.