Spreading Korean Cuisine Around the World,
Healthy CJ Brands

  • 비비고 CJ CheilJedang
    BIBIGO Pride of Korean Food, bibigo

    bibigo, our iconic global Korean food (K-Food) brand, revolutionizes lifestyles by adding a modern twist to authentic Korean flavors. Standing by the philosophy of “bibim,” the art of balancing to harmonize as one whole, bibigo commits to spreading healthy indulgences to all corners of the world by sharing K-Food products that embrace the refined philosophy of Korean food culture.

  • 햇반 CJ CheilJedang
    Hetbahn Tastier than Rice, Hetbahn

    As a flagship brand that reflects our CJ ONLYONE core values, Hetbahn (“freshly harvested rice” in Korean) completely reshaped Korea’s precooked rice industry. Ever since introducing Korea’s very first rice polishing facilities and sterilized processes, Hetbahn consistently delivered the taste of freshly cooked rice, and will continue to do so. With the addition of Hetbahn Cupbahn, Hetbahn continues to stay ahead of the curve as a future food alternatives brand.

  • Gourmet CJ CheilJedang
    Gourmet Everyday Delicacies, Gourmet

    “Gourmet” is defined as an epicure or gastronome. With this in mind, Gourmet provides the utmost gastronomic experiences. With the best ingredients, culinary processes, and chefs’ expertise, Gourmet provides unforgettable culinary moments. We believe that appetizing dishes have the power to transform our mundane days into moments of pure bliss. Our consumers will find pleasure in their ordinary daily lives through the delicacies of Gourmet.

  • The Healthy CJ CheilJedang
    The Healthy Deliciously Healthy, The Healthy

    The Healthy evolves lifestyles by offering tastier and healthier dishes that preserve authentic flavors and textures of ingredients. With carefully selected ingredients, appropriate curing time, and expert methodologies, The Healthy commits to producing a wide range of high quality meat products, including hams, sausages, and bacon etc. Our consumers can enjoy a hearty breakfast, a stylish brunch, or a savory dish with The Healthy products.

  • DASIDA CJ CheilJedang
    DASIDA The Taste of Home, DASIDA

    Korean dining tables start with DASIDA, a classic and convenient flavor enhancer that intensifies flavors and enriches dishes with the taste of home. A beloved flavor brand since 1975, DASIDA continues to be a local favorite. Evolving from Korea’s very first composite seasoning to a premier seasoning brand, DASIDA offers a varied product line that sources raw materials such as Korean beef, anchovies, and shellfish, and continues to spread Korean flavors to nearly 40 countries, including the United States, Japan, and China etc.

  • Haechandle CJ CheilJedang
    Haechandle Harnessing Nature’s Flow, Haechandle

    Haechandle (“sunny fields” in Korean) is a classic Korean fermented condiments brand that brings forth the best fermented flavors with CJ CheilJedang’s authentic fermentation techniques. Through careful cultivation of Meju (blocks of fermented soybeans) and our exclusive fermentation processes, Haechandle adds rich flavors to Korean food. Haechandle will continue to grow as a top Korean condiment brand in the global market, by practicing healthy fermentation techniques and sharing delicious Korean fermented flavors to tables around the world.

  • Beksul CJ CheilJedang
    Beksul Delightful Culinary Experiences since 1953, Beksul

    Our iconic K-Food brand, Beksul, lies with Korean food culture since 1953. Accompanying Korean flavors and lifestyles for decades, Beksul productions include sugar, flour, seasonings, sauces, flavored oils, and cooking mixes. Beksul shares delightful culinary experiences with everyone by offering the tastiest and latest pleasures with every dish.

  • Petitzel CJ CheilJedang
    Petitzel Lifetime Dessert, Petitzel

    Our lifetime dessert brand, Petitzel, introduced a dessert culture in Korea when it wasn’t a trend back in 2000, opening a completely new venue for food culture. With its wide variety of productions in jelly, bakery, and beverage categories, Petitzel leads dessert trends as a dessert brand, offering refreshing delights to our consumers’daily lives. As an iconic dessert brand, Petitzel delivers delightful and one-of-a-kind dessert experiences.

  • Maxbon CJ CheilJedang
    Maxbon Chic Urban Snack

    Daily refreshing snack brand which recharges positive energy in routine daily life.

  • Samho Eomuk CJ CheilJedang
    Samho Eomuk As expected from the fishcake powerhouse.

    Samho Eomuk is well known for its gold standard fishcakes, also referred to as muk (jellied food) processed seafood made from white fish. With a particular emphasis on the brand’s principles and philosophy, Samho Eomuk creates the best tasting fishcakes with the natural taste and health benefits of white fish.

  • SANDRAE CJ CheilJedang
    SANDRAE Delicious natural ingredients

    A brand that offers delicious foods made with natural ingredients that can be enjoyed by the whole family

  • Dadam CJ CheilJedang
    Dadam Cooking Made Easy, Dadam

    Ready-made culinary bases, perfect for Korean cuisines.

  • Happy Soy CJ CheilJedang
    Happy Soy For Those Who Lilke Tofu, Happy Soy

    Without additives, defoamer, emulsifier, and oil. The purest form of tofu.

  • Hasunjung CJ CheilJedang
    Hasunjung Korean Cuisine House Hasunjung

    'A traditional fermented Korean cuisine brand, advancing 50 years of taste and nutrition.

  • METIER CJ CheilJedang
    METIER My Enjoyable Profession

    Professional development for baristas and bartenders through gourmet café products

  • BYO CJ CheilJedang
    BYO CJ’s Exclusive Probiotics, BYO

    CJ researches and develops longlasting plant-origin probiotics to create BYO probiotics that can boost our immune system. The main probiotics of BYO, CJLP133, was recognized by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for promoting skin immunity. In addition, CJ discovered numerous probiotics that received more than 10 global patents. BYO is taking position as a health promotion brand that leads future microbiome technologies.

  • Returnup CJ CheilJedang
    Returnup My Turning Point for a Healthier Life

    Returnup brings balance to your health as you reach your Turning Point. Returnup offers customized care solutions for different age groups and for different benefits to bring better nutritional balance in your body, and it helps you have a much more energy-filled day.

  • Hanppuri CJ CheilJedang
    Hanppuri A source of vigor for Korean people.

    Reviving healthy taste through Korea's traditional natural ingredients. Hanppuri is CJ Cheiljedang's representative healthy food brand.

  • Matbam CJ CheilJedang
    Matbam Nothing Added, Purely Prepared Natural Chestnuts

    Keeping its natural integrity intact. A premium snack with the taste and nutrition to match.

  • Joy of Growing Together CJ CheilJedang
    Joy of Growing Together Joyful Together, CJ CheilJedang

    CJ Cheiljedang pursues mutual growth to provide continuous and practical assistance based on sincerity. 'Happy Companion' CJ's ONLY ONE brand for mutual growth toward CSV beyond CSR.

  • O'Nature CJ CheilJedang
    O'Nature The Oath of Nature

    For a happier life of our dogs and cats. Food for our companion animals.

  • O'Fresh CJ CheilJedang
    O'Fresh Original FRESH

    A pet food brand focused on the nutritional value of fresh ingredients.

  • Chef's Solution CJ CheilJedang
    Chef's Solution Sincere as well as trustworthy

    Chef’s Solution, reliable food ingredients that solve all your cooking needs.

  • Mongjungheon CJ CheilJedang
    Mongjungheon Inviting You to the House of Dream

    Mongjungheon is dimsum which can be made by only the master of Chinese food. Enjoy the traditional profound taste of Chinese dishes and dimsums which can't be experienced at any other place in Korea. The antique but modern and fashionable ambiance offers luxurious dining.

  • COOKIT CJ CheilJedang
    COOKIT Meal Kit from a Chef, COOKIT

    COOKIT is a meal kit service brand that delivers conveniently prepped ingredients and chefs’ special recipes right to our consumers. Taking grocery shopping and chopping off the to-do list, our consumers can whip up restaurant-quality meals at home. With the stamp logo that embodies COOKIT’s compassion and chefs’ promises, COOKIT introduces a whole new repertoire of culinary experiences.

  • itswell CJ Freshway
    itswell QQuality Promise
    We promise you the good quality

    CJ Freshway's processed food brand which compromises processed food, kitchen utensils, and consumables, and Korea's first food material brand. Providing the most product lines passed thorough quality test with rational and competitive price.

  • TOUS les JOURS CJ Foodville
    TOUS les JOURS Healthy Bakery Experience, TOUS les JOURS

    TOUS les JOURS (“every day” in French) is a premium bakery offering an array of freshly baked wholesome bread and cake selections every day. TOUS les JOURS serves daily delights to our consumers with breads, cakes, and coffees etc. that embody healthy and fresh values. After entering the USA market in 2004, Korea’s classic bakery, TOUS les JOURS, expanded into more than 300 branches in 7 countries and continues to advance as a global bakery chain.

  • VIPS CJ Foodville
    VIPS My No.1 Steakhouse, VIPS

    VIPS has been leading the restaurant business in Korea through ceaseless evolution with a focus on offering premium steak and a fresh salad bar with a wide variety of menus since its launch as a family restaurant in Korea in 1997.
    By introducing ‘VIPS PREMIER,’ offering specialty wood fired Black Angus steaks, VIPS continues to be a well-loved, trendy family restaurant that operates with the utmost professionalism in the midst of the rapidly changing restaurant market.

  • Season's Table CJ Foodville
    Season's Table Healthy Dining with Fresh Seasonal Flavors, Season’s Table

    A Korean cuisine brand serving healthy dishes made with the freshest seasonal produce, Season’s Table promotes mutual growth by directly supplying fresh ingredients from Korean local farmers. Season’s Table delivers rich and healthy flavors to customers by capturing the natural goodness of our land, vegetables, and food ingredients.

  • THE PLACE CJ Foodville
    THE PLACE Taste of Milano

    A city that embraces Duomo along a cityscape of skyscrapers.
    A city that proudly leads the fashion and design world.
    A city that flaunts its charm, passion, and humor.
    A city that knows how to enjoy its aperitivo, even on the busiest days.
    We brought such tastes and the lifestyle to go with it to The Place’s Milan-themed menu and space.
    There are a lot of ways to enjoy Italian cuisine, but at The Place you’ll find the most current tastes of MILAN.

    CHEILJEMYUNSO Add flavor to tradition: An artisan, gourmet noodle house

    Cheiljemyunso is all about a bowl of noodles, made with the know-how of master chefs, completed with tasty flavors that will warm a person’s heart and soul.
    From the bowl of Udon noodles that you gobbled at the highway rest stop, to the warm somen noodle soup from your favorite local joint, noodles are a familiar and classic part of our culture. Cheiljemyunso want to add something special to these classic dishes.

  • CJ FOODWORLD CJ Foodville
    CJ FOODWORLD The Absolute Dining Space, CJ Foodworld

    CJ Foodworld, Korea’s very first combined dining space, offers various CJ dining brands integrated with delightful experiences. We present an absolute “taste journey” away from customers’ busy lives through our three locations: from the Coex Mall branch, a healing space for urban people, to Jamsil Lotte branch, a space customized for family zones, and to Incheon Airport branch, a space stylized as a healing lounge in the city.

  • N SEOUL TOWER CJ Foodville
    N SEOUL TOWER Iconic Landmark of Seoul, N SEOUL TOWER

    Situated in the heart of Seoul, N SEOUL TOWER is a 480m tall attraction that offers a splendid view of Seoul’s nature and skyline, and a cultural hub that harmonizes CJ Group’s competencies including F&B, entertainment, shopping, etc. From romantic experiences for couples to special dining experiences perfectly paired with stunning panoramic views of Seoul, N SEOUL TOWER offers a lot in one place. Visitors can also meet a colorful and vibrant Seoul through “Inside Seoul”, a 7,120 sqft. mixed reality (MR) media art exhibition space located at the observatory entrance.

  • BUSAN TOWER CJ Foodville
    BUSAN TOWER Unique Busan Experience, BUSAN TOWER

    N Seoul Tower is Korea's no. 1 sightseeing and multi cultural place in the center of Seoul where you can relax and enjoy diverse cultures. The 360 degree view of Seoul and romantic contents are loved by couples and foreigners. CJ offers optimal F&B services including nGrill, Hankook, N Burger, and MD shops including N Gift, and The BA:NG.

  • n.GRILL CJ Foodville
    n.GRILL Special Occasion and Place, French Fine Dining

    n.GRILL is a French restaurant located in the highest point of N Seoul Tower boasting the best view in Korea. While watching panoramic views of Seoul on the 360 degree revolving hall, enjoy creative French courses.

  • The Steak House CJ Foodville
    The Steak House Ultimate Steak Experience

    The Steakhouse is a Fine Dining Restaurant serving excellent steaks roasted perfectly based on traditional New York-style recipe made of best-in-class meat.


  • bestAmino CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    BESTAMINO A global leader in feed grade amino acids

    BESTAMINO is made through advanced fermentation and refining technology. Therefore, we not only produce L-amino acids with high bioavailability, but also create a sustainable and healthy earth.

  • 소이타이드(Soytide) CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    Soytide High quality fermented soy protein

    CJ BIO's Innovative Solution for High Digestibility

  • 엑스소이(X•SOY) CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.

    CJ BIO's Innovative Solution for High Digestibility

  • 아미네이처(AMINATURE) CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    AMINATURE Vegan amino acids delivered from nature

    AMINATURE is CJ BIO’s brand of fermented amino acids for food, flavor and nutraceutical applications. CJ BIO’s innovative fermentation technology that only uses non-GMO plant material, AMINATURE is suited for vegan applications.

  • 테이스엔리치 (TasteNRich) CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    TasteNRich Guaranteed delicious solution

    TasteNrich® is perfectly in line with the clean label solution for culinary applications. From achieved clean label in ingredients to upgraded sensory appealing, TasteNrich® the as natural culinary solution not only satisfies your consumer’s need for transparency, but also drives your business success.

  • 미풍 (MIPOONG) CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    MIPOONG Ulimate taste UMAMI

    The representative brand of CJ Cheiljedang with its 50 years of fermentation history.

  • 씨제이타이드 (CJTIDE) CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    CJTIDE Global leader CJ nucleotides

    CJ TIDE is premium brand of CJ nucleotides products

  • DaSanModon CJ Feed &Care
    DaSanModon Feeds optimized for highly productive sows, based on a nutritional design to improve sow fertility and the 5LP technology

    Based on the nutritional design optimized for highly productive sows, the 5LP technology was deployed to improve successive productivity/immunity, to help develop fetus/milk lines during pregnancy/suckling period, and to maximize feed intake. It is Korea’s first-ever sow brand product developed for higher farm productivity.

    MILKGEN PRIME Optimized for Improved Milk Cows Total Solution Feed that Utilizes New Technology

    Synonymous with new technology, new concept, and high-performing milking feed, MilkGen stands for “Milk-Generator.” It is a next-generation dairy product brand that helps drive farms to produce more milk.

  • BeefZEN Ole CJ Feed &Care
    BeefZEN Ole Healthy Korean cattle provide delicious meat.

    BeefZEN Ole is a cattle fatting brand which helps to have a strong ruminant stomach, and gain weight by increasing maximum intake. It also improves meat quality by ensuring more marbling, and reducing shipment stress and their weight loss on the way to the market, thus improving meat color and fat color.

  • Marin Tek CJ Feed &Care
    Marin Tek MarinTek

    MarinTek: A compound word of 'Marine' and 'Technology', meaning that it is the best quality fish feed with the best technology that fish farmers want.

  • eggBest CJ Feed & Care
    eggBest eggBest

    With special liquid yeast to ensure quick spawning peak and spawning persistence, the EggBest is a high-quality feed which increases beneficial intestinal bacteria to produce healthy fowl. It is helpful for improvement of productivity and eggshell quality.