KCON All Things Hallyu

All Things Hallyu
KCON, first global K-Culture festival
KCON spreading throughout the world
KCON is the world’s largest convention-type Hallyu festival and has taken the lead in publicizing K-Culture as a platform for
expanding the Hallyu community. It combines a large Hallyu convention and concert under the theme of
‘All Things Hallyu’ and provides opportunities for visitors to experience the Korean culture, services, products and markets.
“KCON spreads
K-Pop and Hallyu culture and trends to the other side of the world.”
We spread Hallyu around the world through KCON in a bid to create ‘Korea Premium,’ and open up a new horizon for popular global culture.
K-Culture for the world
KCON, which began with K-Pop, has since become a convention for publicizing Hallyu content and brands around the world through concerts.
Fans, who visit KCON to see Hallyu artists, are naturally exposed to not only Korean drama, but also K-Food and K-Beauty.
As such, KCON has become a brand that enables people to experience everything related to Hallyu.

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