Time for CJ ONE!

Lifestyle membership that allows you to enjoy various brands with a single card

안녕? 나는 원스터야

Accumulate points at various CJ life style brands and use them

  • Dining out
  • Shopping
  • Entertain
  • Travel
  • Retail

What is CJ One?

CJ ONE is an integrated life-style membership service that allows you to enjoy
CJ's various kinds of life culture services.

  • ONE Point
    On purchase of items from our alliance brands,
    points are accumulated and used.
    Points are rewared and CJ gift certificate can be converted to points.
  • Bonus Point
    Bonus points that accumulate the more you use!
    Can be accumulated up to 100% each month.
  • Culture
    Invitation to special cultural events such as previews and
    musicals offered only to members.
  • Coupon
    Economical discount coupons
    provided by a variety of our brand
  • ONE.the.Full
    Wonderful and exciting campaigns
    newly introduced by CJ ONE

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