'The Choice of the Continent'

K-Culture is gaining in popularity
throughout China with its refined
and differentiated contents.
Let's explore why China has
fully embraced K-Culture
into their lifestyle.

2016 K-Culture, 'The Choice of the Continent'
  1. No.1

    See, taste and
    enjoy K-Culture

    Among Chinese people, interest in K-Drama has expanded to also include interest in K-Music and K-Foo...

  2. No.2

    The Journey into China that CJ is Pioneering

    Which Korean company do you think has penetrated the deepest into the lifestyles of Chinese people? ...

  3. No.3

    Vivid Story of
    Wang Hongs' CJ Tour

    Two wang hongs, internet celebs possessing millions of followers in China, visited Seoul and had a g...

  4. No.4

    in China

    CJ brands with trendy contents that are able to captivate the younger generation in China.


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