CJ in daily lives
of people
of the world

2017 MAMA with a range of different cultures,
regions and kinds of music

2018 CJ in daily lives of people of the world
  1. No.1

    2017 MAMA,
    the best music festival in Asia

    Evolving from Asia's biggest music convention to a global culture platform

  2. No.2

    CJ, an icon of K-Lifestyle,
    and MAMA

    See the story of MAMA and CJ's K-Lifestyle in the daily lives of people of the world.

  3. No.3

    Wanna One,
    Their amazing global stage presence

    Wanna One, who performed on every MAMA stage in three cities, and the power of K-Culture they experi...

  4. No.4

    CJ in Vietnam

    Let's take a look at the daily lives of 'Phuong', a Vietnamese girl who loves K-Lifestyle.


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