An image of 'K-Music storms to global success'


K-Music storms
to global success

K-Music is armed with vocal talent, style, and showmanship.
It’s time to experience K-MUSIC and
find out what KCON has in store for the future.

2016 K-Music storms to global success
  1. No.1 An image of finale of KCON 2016 LA


    What’s getting everybody excited?
    We answer all your KCON questions!

  2. No.2 An image of BTS who performed at KCON 2016.

    Beyond the music, K-Music

    What makes K-Music special?
    Take a closer look at K-Music, marked by its vocal talent, style and...

  3. No.3 An image of teen girls got excited from the notebook screen.

    K-Music, Connecting with the world via digital

    K-Music has spread through the digital world
    increasing its exposure and its global fanbase.

  4. No.4 An image of France-based dance crew RISIN'' CREW, known for covering K-music choreography.

    People of the world loving Korea

    Enjoyment of K-Music is leading to a general interest in
    and understanding of K-Culture

  5. No.5 Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival image

    Cultural phenomenon started from the music

    The 2016 Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival is a place where people can enjoy K-Music as a cult...


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