CJ Social Value Sharing Values, Spreading Joy

"A company must contribute to the nation and further the human race with its business."

As a corporate member of national and local communities, CJ strives to create a sharing society by fulfilling responsibilities
echoed in the founding principles and sharing philosophy of our CEO. Through CJ Welfare Foundation, CJ Cultural Foundation,
and other social voluntary services, CJ evolves and expands social contribution activities. CJ continuaully delivers commitment
to sharing values by embedding CSV principles across all our business areas and creating sustainable industries.

CJ CSV(Creating Shared Value)

CJ creates new social values across all our business operations to promote sustainable social growth.

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CJ Welfare Foundation

CJ Welfare Foundation supports the dreams and cultural · character education
of underprivileged youth through CJ Donors Camp, and shares values through
donations and voluntary services from CJ group members.

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CJ Cultural Foundation

CJ Cultural Foundation contributes to delivering a
"Culture Powerhouse Korea", by creating a sustainable
creative cultural community through support of emerging creators and discovery and advancement of creative contents.

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CJ in Global Society

As a member of the global community, CJ contributes to solving global issues,
such as "UNESCO girls’ education" in developing countries and offering diverse
social contribution activities across all our operations in various regions.

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