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The Second CJ, China / With the entry into home shopping business in Shanghai, China in 2004, CJ has begun implementing vigorous business activities in bio & feed, food & food Service, logistics, movie, and cultural content business.

Japan, the hub of Korean Wave contents / CJ aligns its media business alongside its food, pharma and bio businesses to maximize corporate and customer value. CJ is at the forefront of the spread of the Korean Wave, through promoting associated media contents through Mnet Japan and CJ Entertainment Japan.

Southeast Asia, the hub of global logistics / With the completion of its bio plant in Indonesia, CJ has started accelerating its entry into the Southeast Asian market. Achieving No. 1 in the logistics business in Southeast Asia, CJ is extending its business area further, into feed, home shopping, bakery and even media contents.

Americas, the mecca of the globalization of Korean cuisine and biotechnology / CJ is leading the globalization of Korean cuisine in the US by entering into the food and restaurant business, building on its acquisitions of Omni and Annie Chun. CJ has established a global logistics network in the US and Mexico and has conducted business in Brazil as a foothold of the growth as a world-class bio company.

Europe, expanding to a global market / With the global major food manufacturers as customers in Europe, CJ is expanding its bio, pharma and food businesses into Russia, the Middle East and Africa.

Global CJ

Business Area

Global CJ, Great CJ

CJ has built up global competitiveness over the last forty years by providing customers around the world with the strongest corporate value, powered by consistent innovation. CJ is accelerating its strategy to go global by vigorously entering into major regions of the world based on its experiences and capabilities.


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Food business, the basis of CJ CheilJedang, also functions as the center of the domestic market in China. Accordingly, food business leads construction of the second CJ within the Chinese market.

CJ Qingdao Food is the representative global sales and marketing organization that promotes local production, sale and marketing. With the launch of Dashida Chicken in 2006, CJ entered the domestic market of China full-scale. During the short period of approximately three years, CJ's Dashida Chicken achieved remarkable results of MS 30% in the retail seasoning market of Beijing. Based on the success in Beijing, Dashida Chicken is accelerating entry into the three Northeastern provinces as well as the northern and eastern regions of China.

In addition, on February 2003, CJ established the first `Food R&D Center abroad in Beijing. Based on the local R&D capabilities, CJ released new products, such as seasoning soy sauce, chicken powder and curry, in 2009 and is receiving satisfactory responses relating to the products. The localized products developed by R&D Center are supplied to KFC and Pizza Hut branches in China to develop routes for CJ's B2B business. Furthermore, CJ is operating a food ingredient processing and exporting business in order to secure cost and quality competitiveness in the fields of CJ's food division in Korea.

In 2008, CJ established Food Safety Center in Qingdao to guarantee safety of food ingredients and processed food items exported to China. In the meantime, CJ's food business is actively promoting strategic affiliation with competent companies in China in order to enhance understanding of the Chinese market and to accelerate market expansion.

As the first outcome of this effort, CJ concluded a partnership agreement with UI Sang Group, a state enterprise of China, on March 2007 and therefore established Baekok JV, a company manufacturing soybean products. Baekok Tofu has been acknowledged of the quality as it was supplied to the Olympic Athletes' Village for Beijing 2008 Olympic Game.

With this, Baekok Tofu is securing M/S 70% in the tofu market of Beijing to strengthen its market share. In the future, CJ will continue to advance as a global food company satisfying the tastes of Chinese consumers and succeeding in establishing a new dietary culture in China

food service

Based on the store operation system and manufacturing technologies built over the years in Korea, CJ opened its first branch store of Tous Les Jours on August 2005 in Beijing.

On January 2007, CJ completed construction of a frozen dough plant to supply fresh high-quality dough to each store. Tous Les Jours, with the main concept of 쁣resh, health, European style, approaches the market with a different strategy of baking bread right at the stores. In addition, products enjoyed by Chinese consumers are developed. With these localization strategies, Tous Les Jours is receiving favorable responses in the market.

CJ셲 food service is planning to operate franchise business by strengthening competiveness of Tous Les Jours stores under direct management. In addition, with opening of Sarangchae, a Korean restaurant, at the Beijing Capital International Airport, CJ will introduce Korean cuisine of standardized taste and diverse menus to lead the way in globalizing Korean food.

CJ셲 food service business in China will perform a central role for CJ Foodville to realize the vision of becoming Asia셲 best food service company.


In 2004, CJ GLS established branch offices in three Chinese cities, Qingdao, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and embarked upon the logistics business in China. Currently, CJ has secured bases in nine cities of China to provide railway and tracking transportation as well as warehouse operation and consulting service.

Based on accumulated know-how, CJ provides differentiated logistics service and is expanding the fields into supporting logistics of CJ Group in China as well as agency operation for client companies. In particular, the Chinese office of GLS has become the first foreign logistics company in China to obtain logistics productivity certification in addition to qualifications for road transportation, warehousing, distribution processing, consulting and international logistics service.

Furthermore, in addition to direct logistics service, CJ is providing the customized logistics consulting service to optimize total supply chain in order to improve competitiveness based on the logistics business operation experiences. CJ GLS will advance as a top global logistics company based on the competitiveness secured in the Chinese market.


Leading entertainment and media industry in Korea, CJ Entertainment, since its entry into China on July 2005, has been introducing outstanding film and TV content of Korea to the Chinese public through diverse media of theater, DVD and TV channels. In addition to introducing Korean contents in China, CJ E&M is endeavoring to develop content by the Chinese, for the Chinese and to be enjoyed by the Chinese people through diverse ways.

In addition, CJ plans to jointly distribute the outstanding traditional performances or musicals of China in Korean and global markets. Since June 2009, Mnet Media is supplying broadcasting programs to CCTV digital music channel for one hour from 8 pm every night. Also, CJ is planning a wide variety of performances including a joint concert by Korean and Chinese singers.

As the first in Korea to introduce a multiplex theater, CGV, as the No. 1 theater operator in Korea, entered the Chinese market on the basis of the operation know-how and system.

On October 2006, CJ established a joint venture with SFCG holding infrastructures of theaters as well as film production and distribution in China and opened the first CGV in Daning, Shanghai. Based on the operation capabilities built by running the first CGV in Daning, CJ consecutively opened the second and third CGV theaters in Xinzhuang on March 2009 and Wuhan on November 2009.

In addition, the CGV Olympic Park is scheduled for opening in Beijing at the end of 2010. Expansion of CGV complexes will be accelerated in major cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Chongqing. With the advanced facilities and system including both digital and 3D facilities, CGV is satisfying the rapidly changing needs of the Chinese audience.

Moreover, as the first movie theater in China invested by Korea, CGV is organizing a variety of film-related cultural events to contribute to the overall development and exchange of cultural industries between Korea and China. In the days ahead, CGV will become a company that provides 쁬ore than a movie experience to the Chinese audience.


As the first in Korea to introduce a multiplex theater, CGV, as the No. 1 theater operator in Korea, entered the Chinese market on the basis of the operation know-how and system.

On October 2006, CJ established a joint venture with SFCG holding infrastructures of theaters as well as film production and distribution in China and opened the first CGV in Daning, Shanghai. Based on the operation capabilities built by running the first CGV in Daning, CJ consecutively opened the second and third CGV theaters in Xinzhuang on March 2009 and Wuhan on November 2009.

In addition, the CGV Olympic Park is scheduled for opening in Beijing at the end of 2010. Expansion of CGV complexes will be accelerated in major cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Chongqing. With the advanced facilities and system including both digital and 3D facilities, CGV is satisfying the rapidly changing needs of the Chinese audience.

Moreover, as the first movie theater in China invested by Korea, CGV is organizing a variety of film-related cultural events to contribute to the overall development and exchange of cultural industries between Korea and China. In the days ahead, CGV will become a company that provides 쁬ore than a movie experience to the Chinese audience.


At present, CJ셲 bio business in China can be largely divided into two fields. The first is nucleotide, the next-generation of seasoning material, and the second is granular lysine, the amino acid for animal feeds. Having started commercial production and the sale of nucleotide in 2007, CJ has built a facility to the scale of 3,000 tons. Soon, the scale will be expanded to annual production volume of 5,000 tons. With the exception of some export volumes, most products are being sold for domestic consumption in China.

In addition, CJ commenced commercial production and sale of 65% lysine on June 2005.

At present, the business is successfully progressing. Demand for lysine, the animal feed additive, in China rapidly increases by 10% or more each year. Based on this, CJ will continuously expand the business scale in the future.

In particular, production plant in China is equipped with the system to remarkably reduce or eliminate wastewater discharge with application of new product technologies and the advanced fermentation and purification techniques. This will bring sustainable growth that cares for the environment.

Furthermore, CJ will continuously endeavor to become an IBT company of the world셲 highest standard through next-generation product development and strategic affiliation with local companies in China.

animal feed

Based on the technological power achieved through extensive investment in R&D and know-how accumulated through animal feed business operation in Korea over the last 30 years, CJ셲 animal feed business has entered the markets of the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Turkey as well as China.

CJ holds an internationally certified R4amp;D center for its animal feed business. As a result of intensive investment in development of the advanced technologies and new products, CJ has implemented management system to ensure safety and quality of animal feed products, such as HACCP and ISO management certification.

CJ is currently operating animal feed businesses in eight provinces and cities under direct control of the central government of China. CJ is expanding business starting from Sichuan on May 2002 to Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Jiangxi, Tianjin, Heilongjiang and Hunan.

In 2005, CJ opened a local office in China and established product, marketing and localization strategies in order to create synergy by centralizing resources and human force distributed all over China. CJ셲 animal feed business is introducing new products through continuous investment within China and therefore will advance as the best company in the fields of hog farming and dairy farming.

home shopping

Korea셲 first home shopping company, CJ O Shopping, is also the first in Korea to commence an official home shopping business in China and it is being acknowledged as the leader in the home shopping industry in China.

After concluding a partnership agreement with Shanghai Media Group on August 2003, CJ O Shopping established Dongbang CJ Home Shopping. Dongbang CJ Home Shopping opened a broadcasting station equipped with high-tech systems in Fudan University, China, at the end of August 2007. Currently, over 200 staffs are producing TV home shopping programs. With three studios located in four levels of the new building, Dongbang CJ Home Shopping is equipped with high-tech call center of the best facilities within China.

On June 2009, considering the rapidly increasing sales and future growth, Dongbang CJ Home Shopping moved to a distribution center capable of handling 30,000 calls a year.

From October 2008, broadcasting service is being offered 15 hours a day. Dongbang CJ Home Shopping will accelerate the promotion of 24-hour broadcasting and expansion into large cities of Jiangsu and Zhejiang to implement the second growth engine for the future.

Furthermore, based on the success story of Dongbang CJ Home Shopping in Shanghai, CJ established TianTian CJ Home Shopping based in the Tianjin region through its joint investment with the Tianjin Broadcasting Station on October 2008. Transmitting home shopping programs 10 hours a day, TianTian CJ Home Shopping has also opened an Internet shopping mall in addition to TV home shopping and is publishing catalogs to advance as a logistics specialist.

CJ O Shopping has also implemented a sourcing center in Shanghai to implement global sourcing strategies and to focus on improving product planning and sourcing capacities.

In the days ahead, the sourcing center in China will create synergy through joint planning and purchasing of products with home shopping companies in China and therefore will grow as an advance base of home shopping business.

cj china food & food service
  • CJ Corp. Beijing Office (CJ Group China Headquaters)
  • Add. 13/F,ONE INDIGO,20Jiuxianqiao Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing (P.C. 100016)
  • Tel. 86-10-5639-6000
  • Fax. 86-10-5639-6010
  • CJ Beijing Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Songlanpu, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing P.C.102206
  • Tel. 010-8072-3171
  • Fax. 010-8072-2994
  • CJ Qingdao Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Laixi Economic & Technical Development Zone 266601, Qingdao, China
  • Tel. 86-21-5208-0289/91
  • Fax. 86-21-5208-0290
  • CJ Beijing Bakery Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Songlanpu, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing (P.C. 102206)
  • Tel. 010-5108-7711
  • Fax. 010-5108-7765
cj china bio & distribution
  • Tel. 86-21-5208-0281
  • Fax. 86-21-5208-0290
  • CJ International Trading Co.,Ltd Beijing branch
  • Add. 13F,ONE INDIGO,20 jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
  • Tel. 86-10-5639-6000
  • Fax. 86-10-5639-6101
  • CJ International Trading Co.,Ltd Chengdu branch
  • Add. No.1704 17F Tower Three, No.1 ShuJin Road, Qingyang Dis, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
  • Tel. 86-28-6150-1550
  • Fax. 86-28-6150-1550
  • Tel. 86-411-8271-9324
  • Fax. 86-411-8271-9347
  • CJ International Trading Co.,Ltd Guangzhou branch
  • Add. No.2811 B# Yaozhong Plaza, No.9 Linhe West Road, Tianhe Dis, Guangzhou, Guangdong province
  • Tel. 86-20-8363-4765
  • Fax. 86-20-8363-4445
  • Tel. 86-24-2251-5612
  • Fax. 86-24-2251-5612
  • CJ International Trading Co.,Ltd Jinan branch
  • Add. No.66 Shunhe East Street, Shizhong Dis, Jinan Shandong Province
  • Tel. 86-531-8612-1191
  • Fax. 86-531-8612-1161
  • Tel. 88-62-2736-7017
  • Fax. 88-62-2736-7974
  • CJ Liao Cheng Biotech Co., Ltd.
  • Tel. 86-63-5851-9696
  • Fax. 86-63-5851-9710
  • Liaocheng Lantian Cogeneration Plant Co., Ltd.
  • Tel. 86-635-851-8888
  • Fax. 86-635-851-9696
cj china animal feed
  • CJ (Chengdu) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. No.12,Hongda Road,Liucheng Town,Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China (611130)
  • Tel. 028)82782154
  • Fax. 028)82762734
  • CJ (Shenyang) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Shenyang new and high-tech agricultural development zone, huishan street No.127, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China (110164)
  • Tel. 86-532-8491140
  • Fax. 86-532-8491142
  • CJ (Qingdao) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Laixi Elonomic & Technical Development Zone Qingdao, Shandong Province, China (266601)
  • Tel. 0532)88493851
  • Fax. 0532)88493850
  • CJ (Zhengzhou) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. ZNo.3 Hehuan west street, Administration committee of zhengzhou High-New technology Industry development zone, Zhengzhou, Henan Porvince, China (450001)
  • Tel. 025)58257405
  • Fax. 025)58257407
  • CJ (Nanjing) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Nanjing zhujiang Industrial Area, Zhujiang Road, Pukou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China (211800)
  • Tel. 010)51087711 ext524
  • Fax. 010)51088693
  • CJ (Changsha) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. No.8,Renhe Road, Gaotangling Town, Wangcheng Xian,Changsha, Hunan Province,China (410200)
  • Tel. 0731)82963000
  • Fax. 0731)82963004
  • CJ (Tianjin) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Jin-Hai Road East, Jing-Hai Economy Developed Aera New Borough, Tianjin,China (300200)
  • Tel. 022)68609931
  • Fax. 022)68609936
  • CJ (Haerbin) Feed Co., Ltd.
  • Add. Bohaidong Road, Jizhong District, Haping Road, Haerbin city Development zone, Haerbin, Heilongjiang Province, China (150060)
  • Tel. 0451)86786068
  • Fax. 0451)86786009
  • CJ(Changchun)Feed Co.,Ltd.
  • Add. No. 1958, Xingbei Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changchun
  • Tel. 0431)89368896
  • Fax. 0431)89368893
cj china home shopping
  • Shanghai SMG-CJ Homeshopping Co., Ltd.
  • Add. 400 Guo Ding Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
  • Tel. 86-21-5111-9910
  • Fax. 86-21-5111-9910
  • Tiantian CJ Home Shopping Co., Ltd.
  • Add. SanJia Shopping Channel, Tianjin TV, No.143 Weijin Road, Heping Dis, Tianjin
  • Tel. 86-22-2360-1000
  • Fax. 86-22-2360-2827
cj china logistics
  • Add. Qingdao Guangdong Development bank B/D 1803 No.40, Shangdong Road, Qingdao, China
  • Tel. 86-532-8501-5660, 3
  • Fax. 86-532-8501-5565
cj china entertainment & media
  • CJ Century Media / CJ Entertainment Beijing / Mnet Media Beijing
  • Add. UNIT 609, Zhong Yu Plaza, Gongti North Road, CHAO YANG DISTRICT, BEIJING, CHINA
  • Tel. 8610) 8523.6099
  • Fax. 8610) 8523.5821
cj china theater
  • CGV Shanghai Office
  • Add. RM.606-609, Maxdo Center, No.8 XingYi Road, Hongqiao Development Zone, Shanghai 200336, China
  • Tel. 86-21-5208-1525
  • Fax. 86-21-5208-2261
  • CGV Daning Cinema
  • Add. CGV Daning Cinema, 3F Life Hub @ Daning, No.1878 New GongHe Rd., Shanghai, China
  • Tel. 021-5665-1212


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Real Estate Business

CJ Japan acquired the building in the central area of Tokyo, the capital of Japan in December, 2003, aiming at laying the strategic foundation, enhancing the awareness of the CJ brand, and buying foreign assets in Japan.

CJ Japan, CJ Media Japan and CJ Internet Japan moved into this building composed of 2 underground and 13 above ground floors with a total floor space of approximately 9,000 square meters. This building will be utilized as the stronghold for the CJ Group when the group advances into the Japanese market.

Also, it serves as a base to create revenue of CJ Japan through the operation of rental business by securing law firms or foreign state-owned banks. CJ Japan also focuses on CJ brand building by utilizing its own building and is seeking for a second CJ Japan building

Bio &Pharmaceutical

Japan is a leading country of bio business where core products of bio business including lysine nucleotide and MSG were developed. As a country where the largest rivals in the emerging bio industry are located, Japan holds enormous significance in terms of information or marketing. CJ entered the Japanese market, which is traditionally high-priced and places reliability on the top priority, for the first time among export markets after it started bio business. The bio-divisions of local Japanese corporations are currently marketing and selling a variety of food and animal feed additives, such as nucleotide, MSG, lysine and threonine to Japanese food and feed industry. It holds a network of scores of agencies and hundreds of users, increasing market share in the Japanese market.

Based on this, CJ Japan is aggressively introducing rice-related functional ingredients, natural seasoning and new sweetener which CJ has recently released in Japanese market which is the largest market in terms of functional ingredients. Also it will continue Proposal Operation (PO) and foster functional ingredient as export items to raise profits.

In addition, based on speed, innovation and technological capacity, the Pharmaceutical Division is pursuing to enhance marketing in domestic operation through expanded pipelines for new drugs (License-in) and strategic partnership with company developing new medicine in Japan which is the advanced country in terms of pharmaceutics in order to introduce new products necessary to become global pharmaceutical company and enhance R&D.

In particular, since the launch of the pharmaceutical division in 1984, CJ has forged a close relationship with leading Japanese companies including Takeda, the Japanese pharmaceutical global company, and through this relationship CJ has introduced and marketed many new products, holding an important strategic position

food materials

Pre-mixed products made of sugar and flour, which is the oldest division of CJ, have been growing consistently since the advancement into the Japanese market in 1988. Baking/ confectionary and various food and beverage companies in Japan are the major customers.

Utilizing 20-year-knowhow and network, this division is serving several roles like providing various information, discovering new food materials, and forging technological and business partnership as a global outpost of materials.

Material division is trying to develop oligosaccharide, sweetener, mixed product for business use and next generation new material following sugar, flour, and premixed product and is expected to map out global strategy using Japan as a strategic position

processed food

Under the vision that CJ food business in Japan will create CJ Brand Equity by localizing Korean food culture in Japan, its food business is successfully promoting seasonings, chili paste and Dashida as main items. In particular, seasoning products are placed in major supermarket chains of metropolitan area around Tokyo and receives a positive consumer response with the raised awareness of brand.

In business division, the food division lays the foundation for expansion through the partnership with Japanese leading companies, realizing the goal to become one of Big 5 in Japan. CJ Japan speeding up the reorganization to expand into health-related food and refrigerated/frozen food group will become a global company in terms of localized good in Japan.

group business support

CJ is supporting group business by using Japan as the hub. These activities include supporting the localization of affiliates already in the Japanese market and providing group business support through searching for information, supporting Bench marketing, securing lines of affiliation and maintaining cooperative relationships

restaurant business

Restaurant industry in Japan is utilizing in and out network in CJ Group and has been preparing for various businesses. As a result, CJ launched 쏻elly&Dolsot Bibimbop, CJ airport restaurant brand for the first time in Korean companies at Narita Airport in Japan which has the highest barriers to foreign companies among international airports according to experts and where no Korean restaurants were not accepted.

Through this restaurant business, CJ has achieved excellent results such as building up the CJ brand identity as well as securing the capability to expand restaurant business in Japan in earnest.
Through consistent efforts to take off toward 2nd restaurant in Japan, CJ reaped the results of securing the stronghold of globalized Korean food by taking over Foodfesta, a small and middle restaurant company. In addition, it spreads culture and spirit of CJ Group to Foodfesta consisting of only Japanese employees through repeated PMI.

At the same time, it achieved quantitative results to build up the foundation for becoming No.1 Korean quick service restaurant (QSR) in Japan, 2013 through achievement to raise the CJ셲 status within Japan and shift to surplus of Foodfesta셲 FCF. 쏦anchae, developed in CJ is raising brand awareness as quick service restaurant (QSR) around Bibimbop and soft tofu, and at the same time it is going to be developed as a brand to serve as a platform to develop global model for Korean Bibimbop of CJ Group and take the lead the Globalization

internet business

In order to enter the online gampe market in Japan, which is the world셲 second largest, the CJ Group established CJ Internet Japan in August 2004 through a joint investment with Soft Bank Group, the largest Japanese Internet company.

CJ Internet Japan officially opened the website of Netmarble(www.netmarble.jp) in March, 2005, Korea셲 No.1 game portal site, based on the knowhow of content of Netmarble operated on the CJ Internet after the foundation of joint corporation. Netmarble Japan site provides online game portal services similar to Korean Netmarble, and includes 50 kinds of online games like 쒰reen Village, 쏪insamgukmoossang Online,

YS Online, Marblog, and 쏤lash Mini Game and community service. By February, 2006, the simultaneous login count exceeded 20,000 people. After opening services, Netmarble Japan had approximately 1million members at the shortest time in the history of Japan game portal. As of August, 2006, Netmarble Japan had approximately 2 million members. Against this backdrop, it develops into the leading online game company market in Japan.


CJ Media Japan first in the Korean media company directly advanced into Japanese market and was established in August 2005 under the vision of media group representing Korea.

It opened the services of Mnet channel through SkyPerfec TV in March 2006 and its main businesses are to operate channels and syndicate content. In addition, it is in charge of the distribution of content including CJ movies, broadcasting programs and music sources.
With diverse Korean content such as music, dramas, films, and variety shows, CJ Media Japan is making efforts to expand and maintain the Korean wave and it will serve as a gateway to Japan for the CJ Group셲 other areas of event business such as concerts and media entertainment, such as digital media business of VOD and IPTV, publishing, travel, and management. Also, CJ Media Japan is promoting the group셲 globalization strategy through joint business and cooperation with Japan셲 leading media companies. Mnet which is now operating, holds 90,000 paid subscribers for SkyPerfec TV and IPTV.
It plans to open a second and third channel in the years to come. CJ Media Japan will strengthen itself as a media group representing Korea by expanding coverage of subscribers and increasing revenue

cj japan cj business support
  • CJ Japan Corp.
  • Add. 2-7-4, Nishishinbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-0003, Japan
  • Tel. 81-3-3580-1050
  • Fax. 81-3-3580-1055
  • CJ Japan Corp. Osaka Office
  • Add. 5F, 1-17-7, Nihonbashi, Cyuo-Ku, Osaka, 542-0073, Japan
  • Tel. 81-6-6643-5252
  • Fax. 81-6-6643-5253
cj japan internet
  • CJ Internet Japan
  • Add. 2-7-4. Nishishinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo, 105-0003 Japan
  • Tel. 81-3-5157-7430
  • Fax. 81-3-5157-7431
cj japan media
  • CJ E&M Japan
  • Add. 2-7-4, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003, Japan
  • Tel. 81-3-3519-4551
  • Fax. 83-3-3580-1501

Southeast Asia / Australia

Business Area

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hong kong trade

CJ China Ltd. can be said to be a spearhead in CJ group trade. Starting with the opening of Hong Kong office in 1978, it developed as a corporation in 1994, based on built-up achievements. In addition, it has introduced and sold various products of CJ group into greater China including China and Taiwan.

The main items produced by CJ China Ltd. are household items and processed food around Lysine, nucleic acid, seasoning, and sugar. In particular, in terms of nucleic acid, lysine and threonine, CJ China Ltd. is competing with multinational companies with top technology of CJ, expanding the influence and making the largest market share with in China.

In order to secure the competitiveness in Chinese market that is fiercer with its accession to WTO, CJ China Ltd. will play more roles as a partner contributing to the development of China and Korea by leaping forward, based on the 20-year-experience in trading with China and the network of greater China.

singapore logistics

With the expectation of the increase in logistics and trade volume between Korea, China and Japan, CJ GLS launched CJ GLS ASIA in June by taking over Accord, largest private logistics of Singapore in March, 2006 to dominate the potential market worth 20 trillion dollars in advance.

CJ GLS ASIA owns foreign corporations in Asia and Europe including Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Netherlands, providing visibility to global customers through advanced logistics information system. In addition, it provides global 3PL services through the strategic partnership with about 100 partners in the world.

Through this, CJ GLS plans to take off as a global logistics company by securing the largest foreign network among domestic logistics companies

indonesia feed business/bio

CJ has been doing businesses under three feed corporations (CJI, CJS, CJFJ) and one livestock farming corporation (SUJA), based on broiler industry in 1995. It has been producing and selling the feed for chicken in the factory with the annual production capacity of 750,000 tons in Serang and Jombang.

Feed business doesn셳 mean simply providing animal feed. In Indonesia, it encompasses all the businesses related to feed including livestock farming industry and broiler production, poultry farming and distribution of poultry and broilers. For the feed business, CJ is selling animal feed and processing purchased chickens along with supplying chicks to farmhouses with the intimately connected cooperative system.

The broiler production business owns 11 farms and 8 hatcheries in Java Island and Kalimantan Island. The annual goal is to produce 1 million chickens. When all these chickens produce chicks, the annual production of chicks per year is expected to reach about 100 million. It is preparing for diversified feed business and expanded chicken breeding and distribution businesses in the future.

PT. CJI (CheilJedang Indonesia) consists of Pasuruan factory and Jombang factory located in the eastern part of Java Island in Indonesia. Pasuruan factory established in 1989 is on the site of 110,000 pyeong (90 acres) and employs about 600. It is producing mainly amino acid for feed (Lysine and Threoinine). Jomgang factory established in 1996 employs about 200, producing Nucleotide which is world No.1 product of CJ.

PT.CJI serves as important production base of CJ in Southeast Asia like exporting the products to Indonesian domestic market and the nations including Europe, Asia and Americas. The eastern Java region where CJ Group has advanced into is home to 60 % of the Indonesian population and it is highly industrialized, occupying 60% of Indonesia셲 economy.

Along with that, this region is close to Surabaya, the largest harbor city of Indonesia, making marine transportation convenient. This region mainly produces Tapioca and molasses and has easy access to supplementary ingredients in nearby areas. In this region, abundant water is available for use.

PT.CJI with annual sales of approximately $270 million has established itself as the best company in Indonesia, serving as a role model in CJ Globalization

vietnam animal feed / bakery business

CJ Vina Agri was established in Long-an Province near Ho Chi Minh City in February, 2000 after being permitted, with the intention to make Vietnam a stronghold for producing and exporting animal feed in Southeast Asia. Animal feed factory, CJ Vina Agri was completed in March, 2001 and has produced over 40 kinds of commercial mixed feed of a total of 120,000 tons per year. It is strengthening its position in the feed market of Vietnam. In addition, for the first time among foreign-based feed companies, CJ Vina Agri started the feed mixed with prawn and fish aquaculture of 30,000 tons annually in 2003.

Since the construction of the second factory in December, 2005, in the northern Hanoi, CJ Vina Agri has expanded into entire Vietnam regions. Government셲 attracting foreign investment, its support of the agriculture and livestock industry and the potential of budding mixed feed market improve the prospect of CJ Vina Agri.

Tous Les Jours of CJ Foodville opened the first store in Ho Chi Mihn City of Vietnam and took this opportunity to lay the foundation of entering the market of Southeast Asia.

The first store of Tous Les Jours in Ho Chi Mihn City consisting of first and second floors with the total size of about 396.7 square meters is located in its downtown area, Haibatrung Street. The city is similar to Shanghai of China and is the representative commercial city of Vietnam.

Shanghai is home to foreign-based large companies including Korean companies, raising the prospect of business because most of residents are foreign investors or dispatched employees. CJ will try to satisfy the tastes of customers with the localization strategy like developing pineapple fresh cream cake and coffee with increased syrup considering the taste of local people preferring sweet taste.


CJ NuraCon wasd established in Oklahoma, USA in 1997 to supply materials more safely to produce Dasida, major CJ product and started to produce concentrated beef bone soup and beef soup as main product.

With the outbreak of mad cow disease in USA, 2003, CJ NuraCon moved its base to Australia which is the safest from mad cow disease in the world. In particular, Queensland its factory was built holds 40% of cows bred in Australia and it is home to butcheries of No.1, 2, and 3 in Australia. It gives the biggest advantage to CJ in purchasing and procuring raw materials.

In particular, Australia provides rigorous quarantine inspection procedure to prevent the introduction of disease by taking advantage of its geographical isolation. It has advanced and thorough food safety and sanitation system in the world such as the ban on bringing all the animals and plants.

CJ NutraCon tries to expand the route for selling products like the registration to FSIS facility to permit the import with rigorous conditions along with HACCP and HALAL certified in AQIS of Australia. It focuses on expanding the role as Australian corporation as well as a factory

cj hong kong trade
  • Tel. 852-2802-9909, 2585-0022
  • Fax. 852-2866-1351
cj indonesia animal feed
  • PT. CJ Feed Jombang
  • Add. Jl. Raya Mojoagung-Jombang Km 2 Desa Gambiran-Mojoagung, Kab. Jombang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
  • Tel. 62-321-497-200
  • Fax. 62-321-497-555
  • PT.Cheil Jedang Superfeed
  • Add. JL.Lanud Gorda, Desa Julang, Kec. Cikande Kab. Serang 42186, Banten, Indonesia
  • Tel. 62-21-5299-5152
  • Fax. 6221-5299-5197
  • PT.Super Unggas Jaya
  • Add. JL.Lanud Gorda, Desa Julang, Kec. Cikande Kab. Serang 42186, Banten, Indonesia
  • Tel. 62-21-5299-5152
  • Fax. 6221-5299-5197
cj indonesia bio
  • PT.Cheil Jedang Indonesia (Pasuruan Site)
  • Add. Desa Arjosari-Kecamatan Rejoso, Kabupaten Pasuruan 67181 P.O.Box 20 / PS - Pasuruan 67101, Indonesia
  • Tel. 62-343-482333
  • Fax. 62-343-482768, 482788
  • PT.Cheil Jadang Indonesia (Jombang Site)
  • Add. Jl.Raya Brantas KM 3, 5, Desa Jatigedong, Kec. Ploso, Kab. Jombang 61453, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
  • Tel. 62-321-887700
  • Fax. 62-321-887711
cj vietnam animal feed
  • CJ Corp. Vietnam Office
  • Tel. 84-8-910-0720
  • Fax. 84-8-910-0722
  • Add. National Highway No.1, My Yen Village, Ben Luc District LongAn Province, Vietnam
  • Tel. 84-723-641-114
  • Fax. 84-723-870-366
cj singapore logistics
  • CJ GLS Asia Pte., Ltd
  • Add. 20 Toh Guan Road, #08-00 CJ GLS Building, Singapore 608839
  • Tel. 65-6410-2800
  • Fax. 65-6410-2801
  • CJ GLS (S) Infotech Pte., Ltd
  • Add. 20 Toh Guan Road, #08-00 CJ GLS Building, Singapore 608839
  • Tel. 65-6410-2800
  • Fax. 65-6410-2801
  • CJ GLS (S) Shipping Pte., Ltd
  • Add. 20 Toh Guan Road, #08-00 CJ GLS Building, Singapore 608839
  • Tel. 65-6410-2800
  • Fax. 65-6410-2801
  • Conpac Warehousing Pte., Ltd
  • Add. 20 Toh Guan Road, #08-00 CJ GLS Building, Singapore 608839
  • Tel. 65-6410-2800
  • Fax. 65-6410-2801
  • CJ GLS (S) Shipping Pte., Ltd
  • Add. #05-18 Cargo Agents Building D P.O. Box761, Changi Airfreight Centre Singapore 918109
  • Tel. 65-6543-0338
  • Fax. 65-6546-8436
cj philippines animal feed
  • CJ Philippines Inc.
  • Add. Barangay Sampaioc, San Rafael, Bulacan, Phillippines
  • Tel. 63-44-766-6235
  • Fax. 63-44-766-6231
  • CJ Philippines Inc. Manila Office
  • Add. Unit 2509 Jollibee Plaza, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City, Metro Manila Phillippines 1605
  • Tel. 63-2-638-7937
  • Fax. 63-2-638-7917
cj australia
  • CJ Nutracon Pty Ltd
  • Add. PO Box 730 49-71 Hermitage Road Toowoomba QLD 4350, Australia
  • Tel. 61-7-4698-6999
  • Fax. 61-7-4630-7788


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food business

CJ America, one year after beginning as a sales office of CJ in LA, 1978, expanded its presence to the export grains or raw sugar, playing various roles to enhance core capacity of CJ in North America for 25 years after moving its headquarter to New York. Since CJ America again moved its headquarter to LA in 2003, it has worked in wide range of areas including Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and South Africa. It is in charge of the existing sales networking as well as the building of information infrastructure of America and the support of CJ셲globalization.

The Sales Division of CJ America is promoting the marketing of over 200 CJ and non-CJ products in the areas of food, pharmaceuticals and bio products. Recently CJ America uses the business division of CJ Foods to promote food distribution business around LA, San Francisco and Chicago. Along with that, it focuses on making CJ products enter into the major markets of America with the aim of spreading Korean food culture and is successfully receiving a positive response from American customers in Hetban and Bulgogi seasoning.

Besides this sales, CJ America is helping affiliates in Korea to carve out new markets and create a new business opportunity by collecting trend and information of North America related to CJ셲 core capacity in food & food service, pharmaceutics, bio products, media & entertainment, home shopping, and logistics. CJ America is dedicating itself to enhancing its own capacity, increasing the competitiveness in the North America셲 market and expanding a business opportunity with further organizational innovation

bakery business

CJ commenced its bakery business in 2004. On the basis of product technologies accumulating over the years in Korea, Tous Les Jours has pursued growth not only in terms of business volume, but also in quality, distinguishing its products from those of its competitors in taste and freshness. Due to such levels of competitiveness, its refined and environmentally friendly brand power is welcomed in the global marketplace. Based on the confidence stemming from this, Tous Les Jours is now working to become the top-ranked bakery franchise network in the U.S market.

Tous Les Jours has started its franchise business in 2009, and has created a new milestone as the first Korean franchise bakery. By expanding its franchise business aggressively, Tous Les Jours is currently operating 15 stores over the U.S including 7 franchised stores (7 stores in California, 2 stores in Texas, 4 stores in Georgia, and one each in Massachusetts, and New Jersey).

To establish a refined and elegant brand in the minds of housewives and young generations, its primary targets, Tous Les Jours plans to foster its development as a first-class bakery brand among Korean-Americans, as well as mainstream American consumers through the continuous research and development of food and beverage items. Consequently, in order to develop our position in the global marketplace positively, we are going to execute both unique know-hows and localization schemes, eventually making all Tous Les Jours stores specialize in franchised bakery in order to meet global standards.


CJ E&M is leading films, broadcast production, distribution and exhibition as a Korea셲 No.1 Entertainment & Media. CJ E&M America has promoted CJ Entertainment, CJ CGV, CJ Media, and M-net Media since the establishment in 2005. CJ Entertainment America serves as the promoter for Korean films to enter American market through production and distribution of Korean films within America.

CJ CGV will serve as a platform for Korean content to enter American market through the opening of CGV LA first in America at the center of LA Koreatown in 2010 and the show of media content


CJ GLS America established in January 2007 is expanding the areas with the service to supply auto parts produced in American factory of Mando and provides one-contact service in the logistics area including Warehouse management, Trucking, and Freight Forwarding.

CJ GLS lays the foundation for CJ GLS to establish organic network between production base of existing customers including Korea and China and demand base for American market. Also it can expand new customers for global logistics through logistics differentiation in America. Recently CJ GLS America has secured 5 major strongholds in America and it plans to build the logistics network across America through establishing and spreading the base in major areas ofAmerica in the future.

brazil bio business

Brazil is closely linked to sweetened milk powder and Bio business which is the core business areas of CJ. Brazil has continuously tried to grow its economy under the political stability since the inauguration of President Lula da Silva. With abundant natural resources and large population, it continues the growth surround the agricultural and livestock farming industries to become an internationally renowned meat exporting country at the same time as rank No.1 in the world for raw sugar production and No.3 for corn production.

Due to this success, the CJ Group established a lysine factory with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons in Piracicaba of Brazil in 2005, serving as a stronghold for entering the market of South America. It plans to expand the business depending on the growth of the market, and through this, CJ will develop itself as a leading bio company in the world by establishing the 3 major base including Indonesia, China and Brazil

cj america food
  • CJ America, Inc. LA Office (U.S. Headquarter)
  • Add. 3530 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1220, Los Angeles, CA 90010, U.S.A
  • Tel. 1-213-427-5566
  • Fax. 1-213-380-5433, 1-213-427-7878
  • CJ America, Inc. NJ Office
  • Add. Parker Plaza 19th Floor, 400 Kelby Street, Fort Lee, NJ07024 , U.S.A
  • Tel. 1-201-461-7407
  • Fax. 1-201-461-9926
  • CJ America, Inc. Chicago Office
  • Add. 3500 Lacey, Suite 230, Downers IL 60515, U.S.A.
  • Tel. 1-630-241-0112
  • Fax. 1-630-241-2502
  • CJ Corp. LA Office
  • Add. 1801 Century Park East, Suite 1900, LA, CA 90067, U.S.A
  • Tel. 1-310-277-3610
  • Fax. 1-310-277-3723
  • CJ Corp. Chicago Office
  • Add. 141 W.Jackson blvd. Suite 2194, Chicago, Il 60604, U.S.A
  • Tel. 1-312-212-1359
  • Fax. 1-312-212-1385
  • CJ Pacific Corporation
  • Add. 10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Suite 350, Beaverton, OR 97005
  • Tel. 1-503-619-0615
  • Fax. 1-504-619-0621
  • CJ Corp. NY Office
  • Add. 400 Kelby Street, 19th Floor, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
  • Fax. 1-201-461-9926/9905
  • Add. 5801 S.Malt Ave, City of Commerce, CA 90040
  • Tel. 323-278-5200
  • Fax. 323-278-5252
  • CJ FOODS, INC. - Chicago
  • Add. 2206 S. Busse Rd, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
  • Tel. 886-2-2736-7017
  • Fax. 886-2-2736-7974
  • CJ FOODS, INC. - San Francisco
  • Add. 3612 Flora Vista Ave. #153, Santa Clara, CA 95051
  • Tel. 408-472-0042
  • Fax. 408-247-0462
  • Add. 400 Kelby Street, 19th Floor, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
  • Tel. 201-461-7407
  • Fax. 201-461-9926
  • Add. 2825 Diamond Bar Blvd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (Super H Mart)
  • Add. 4340 Redwood Highway, Suite B60, San Rafael, CA 94903
  • Tel. 415-479-8272
  • Fax. 415-479-8274
  • Add. 4591 Firestone Blvd., South Gate, CA 90280
  • Tel. 323-567-8171
  • Fax. 323-567-7856
cj america bakery
  • Add. 3530 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1220, Los Angeles, CA 90010, U.S.A
  • Tel. 213-427-5566
  • Fax. 213-380-5433, 213-427-7878
  • CJ BAKERY-Central Kitchen
  • Add. 222 E. Pomona Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016
  • Tel. 626-775-6440
  • Fax. 626-775-6441
cj america entertainment&media
  • CJ Entertainment, America
  • Add. 1801 Century Park East #1901, LA, CA, 90067
  • Tel. 1-310-557-3050
  • Fax. 1-310-557-3469
  • CJ CGV, America
  • Add. 1801 Century Park East #1901, LA, CA, 90067
  • Tel. 1-310-557-3050
  • Fax. 1-310-557-3469
cj america logistics
  • CJ GLS - LA
  • Add. 5801 S.Malt Ave, City of Commerce, CA 90040
  • Tel. 1-323-278-5290
  • Fax. 1-323-721-6502
cj america bio
  • CJ America Inc. Chicago Office
  • Add. 3500 LACEY ROAD, SUITE 230, DOWNERS GROVE, IL U.S.A 60515
  • Tel. 1-630-241-0112
  • Fax. 1-630-241-2502
cj brazil bio
  • CJ do Brasil Ltda (Sao Paulo Office)
  • Tel. 55-11-3717-8700
  • Fax. 55-11-3717-8800
  • CJ do Brasil Ltda (Piracicaba Site)
  • Tel. 55-19-3415-9401
  • Fax. 55-19-3415-9409


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Europe Trade

Europe is the major market for lysine, essential amino acid in animal feed, MSG, the food additive, nucleotides and pharmaceutical items which CJ has secured international competitiveness. CJ has grown rapidly in European market. For this reason, CJ established CJ Europe which is the sales corporation of CJ in Frankfurt, Germany to secure the European market and collect information.혻

CJ Europe secured customers of global major food company including Nestle and Unilever and 30% of market share of lysine market in Europe, strengthening its standing as a leading company getting attention from all the related company in Europe. Along with this, CJ Europe increases the presence in Russia, Middle East and Africa as well as Europe.

In the future, CJ Europe is focusing on expanding the sales of CJ products and collecting advanced information. At the same time, it plans to continue the discovery of new products by taking advantage of traits of Europe and carving out new markets including Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

cj Europe Trade
  • CJ Europe GmbH
  • Add. OBER DER ROETH 4, 65824 SCHWALBACH, Germany
  • Tel. 49-6196-590126
  • Fax. 49-6196-45418
  • CJ Corp. FFT Office
  • Add. OBER DER ROETH 4, 65824 SCHWALBACH, Germany
  • Tel. 49-6196-590143
  • Fax. 49-6196-45418
  • CJ Corp. Moscow Office
  • Add. Russian Federation 115419, Moscow, ul. Ordjonikidz 11,block 1/2., CJ Corp
  • Tel. 7-495-937-3457
  • Fax. 7-495-937-3458
  • CJ Corp. London Office
  • Add. 107 Highland House, 165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1NE, England
  • Tel. 44-0-208-544-8066
  • Fax. 44-0-208-544-8036

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