New product development in cooperation with Nichiro


One of the important roles of CJ Japan is to explore and create new business opportunities through cooperation with advanced companies in Japan. Nichiro, a promising Japanese frozen food company, is a good example.


In Sept. 2002, CJ Group shared its expertise for making Nuh bi ah ni (chopped meat) with Nichiro in Japan for the first time. Then, in Jan. 2003, CJ introduced Nichiros technology for manufacturing desserts for official use. Through cooperation like this, both companies are benefiting mutually, as well as developing good relationships. 


Nichiro has a frozen marine product manufacturing company in Thailand which is used for global sourcing. One of its products (Japanese-style fried shrimp) was sold through CJ Home Shopping and it recorded the highest hourly food sales. CJ Japan played an important role in introducing this product to the Korean market.


CJ Japan expects more products will be introduced through this kind of partnership in the future.