bibigo focuses on the winter peak season with a broad range of marketing activities.


CJ’s global Korean cuisine brand bibigo, which was launched to promote the excellence of Korean cuisine across the world, has started to carry out a broad range of marketing activities in preparation for the winter peak season. Most notably, bibigo has launched a new TV ad starring Psy, the global phenomenon, with the tagline “Korean food beloved by the world now awaits you in Korea” and another new TV ad for its new product bibigo Big Dumplings on the 27th, which carried the tagline “Tasty bibigo Dumplings”.

The new bibigo TV advertisement shows Psy saying “I’m bibigoing the world these days.” with images of Britain, the US, and China, all of which are where you can find bibigo. The ad ends with the image of Korea, saying that bibigo products are now available in Korea. By featuring Psy, who has returned home in glory after rising to stardom around the world, the TV ad emphasizes the image of bibigo as one that has been recognized in the world market, and thus is returning home to be launched in the Korean market. The new ad for bibigo Dumplings shows the key concept of the product, which is being free from five additives and featuring only the freshest, and highest-quality ingredients. Korean cuisine chef Kwon Woo Jung makes the dumplings, highlighting the fresh, quality ingredients and the exquisite taste of bibigo products.

bibigo has adopted a strategy of improving its brand awareness and brand image through TV ads while offering more benefits to consumers through promotions available across various channels, including home shopping sites, hypermarkets and restaurants. bibigo’s processed food products that are launched in Korea include dumplings including fried dumplings, soup dumplings, big Gyoja and big dumplings, and frozen foods including Namdo Ttoeck Galbi, Eanyang style crunchy Bulgogi. bibigo plans to maximize the impact of its advertising campaigns through a range of promotions to make the most of winter being the peak season for all of the products being promoted.

CJ CheilJedang Food Business Sector said, “CJ’s global Korean Cuisine brand bibigo has returned home in glory after being praised in overseas markets, mirroring the experience of the global star Psy. We plan to promote the brand bibigo and launch a wide range of marketing activities aimed at consumers during the peak season through TV ads, online/offline promotion and restaurants.”

bibigo is CJ Group’s global Korean cuisine brand which integrates products from across CJ Group. Under the brand name of bibigo, CJ CheilJedang sells five kinds of global export strategic products, namely frozen dumplings, sauces, pastas, ready-made rice, and dried laver. CJ Foodville runs 15 restaurants in six countries, including the US, Britain and China. CJ aims to promote the excellence of Korean cuisine around the world through its bibigo restaurants, inspiring consumers who have experienced bibigo and Korean cuisine to purchase bibigo’s processed food so that they can enjoy Korean food within their own homes. bibigo ultimately aims to help Korean cuisine penetrate the global market by creating a synergy effect with processed foods and restaurants that all carry the bibigo name.