CJ O Shopping Agrees to Export K-Fashion to Hong Kongs IT Group


Major fashion products that are offered by CJ O Shopping( be now available at IT Mall, a luxury concept store in Hong Kong that caters to an exclusive Chinese clientele. CJ O Shopping announced on Nov. 22 that it had completed an export agreement for K-Fashion with the IT Group which runs Hong Kong’s largest select shop for luxury brands. Under the agreement, CJ O Shopping will hold ‘CJ O Shopping’s K-Fashion Pop-up Store’ on a regular basis every year. The products that will be stocked in the IT Mall are exclusive designer items, such as PUSH&GUN (by Designer Park Seung-Gun) and Beyond closet (by Designer Ko Tae-Yong).

It’s unprecedented for fashion items sold through an home shopping channel to find a steady outlet at an offline store overseas. This agreement means CJ O Shopping’s high-fashion items will be available for overseas customers throughout some 700 IT stores in Hong Kong and other Chinese regions.

Sham Kar Wai President of Hong Kong IT Group agreed with Lee Hae-Sun President of CJ O Shopping to the export of K-Fashion items at 2013 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award), part of the Hong Kong Asia World Expo held on Nov. 22, noting that he had high hopes for the future popularity of K-Fashion at IT Mall.

The agreement is a visible sign of the tremendous popularity K-brands enjoy today across East Asia, with items that were once sold only a TV home shopping channel now finding a home in an exclusive overseas market. Indeed, the new venture marks a significant step in the spread of K-Fashion worldwide. CJ O Shopping hosted a K-Fashion Pop-up Store at an IT store on Nov. 20 and received a positive response from local customers, with particular praise for the creative design and high quality. Billy Wu, a well-known fashion product buyer in Hong Kong said, “The designer brands offered by CJ O Shopping include Park Seung-Gun, Choi Bum-Seok, and Ko Tae-Yong - all of whom have a strong brand identity, maybe stronger than other comparable luxury brands which have formed a strong fandom. CJ O Shopping’s designer brands are expected to become ever more popular in Hong Kong as word spreads about their quality, creative design and affordability.”

Hong Kong’s IT Mall is the largest select shop in Hong Kong, operating some 800 shops around the world. The brands available at IT Mall include VALENTINO, KENZO and about 600 premium casual brands. IT Mall is a major fashion mall with 300 customers, on average, visiting one of its stores a day.

Meanwhile, DEMIN, supported by CJ O Shopping, entered the IT Mall last May since when it has competed against other luxurious brands for footfall. It has already secured over 500 million won in revenue from the overseas market. DEMIN has completed an export agreement with 19 shops in nine countries that include those in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and South America, not to mention Hong Kong. DEMIN’s aggressive growth has become a driving force of CJ O Shopping’s strategy to enter foreign markets. The future of K-Fashion in global markets looks promising indeed.