<Superstar China> began the countdown to its first broadcast in China.


The world famous singer Psy was invited as a special guest to Superstar China(我的中?星) after his role as one of the judges on Superstar K4. Psy will attend the pre-production press conference for Superstar China and perform his global hit ‘Gangnam Style’ and his latest release ‘Gentleman’alongside top Chinese stars who will also attend and perform at the event. The first broadcast of Superstar Chinain China is planned for July 7.

Top Chinese stars Alan Tom, ShaBaoliang, and Wu Pace, the famous faces who make up the judging panel of Superstar China, would attend the event and be on the stage with Psy. They can be compared to Lee Seung-Chul, Yang Hyun-Seok, and Lee Hyo-Ri in Korea who played the key role in turning Superstar Kinto a popular audition program nation-wide as the judges of the first season of the show that had its first broadcast in 2009. Lin Chi-Ling, top Chinese actress, will also attend the event as a special guest.

“We will hold a pre-production press conference for Superstar Chinaprior to the upcoming first broadcast on July,”a source from CJ E&M Global Business team said.“Psywill attend as a special guest and grace the event with his presence. His huge popularity around the world and his experience as a judge on Superstar Khas brought him to the pre-production press conference for a performance.”

The pre-production press conference Superstar Chinawill be held at the schoolyard of Wuhan University at 5pm, June 21 (Fri) at China local time. The organizers expect to have approximately 20,000 people in the audience. Alongside the special stage of Psy and the three judges of Superstar China, there will be diverse events to promote the audition program which is scheduled to broadcast on July 7.

Superstar Chinais a Chinese version of producing Superstar K, which is the largest singing audition broadcasting in China this year. Hubei Satellite TV, the largest broadcasting company with 800 million-viewer coverage in China, purchased the format of CJ E&M’s Superstar K and produced the program. The program will have fourteen shows, with its first show scheduled for broadcaston July 7. The audition will follow the same timetable as the Korean version with local preliminary auditions, super weeks and a live stage to pick the final winner.

To support the program, Mnet Producer Kim Tae-Eun who had been in charge of producing Superstar Kfrom season two to season four flew to China early this year and has participated to the production of Superstar Chinaas Flying Producer. A Flying Producer plays the role of helping the production company who bought a format produce a program by passing on knowhow in a range of areas including on technical aspect of the program.