Spread the Korean beauty (K-Beauty) to the mainland China! <Get K-Beauty>started!


CJ E&M’s No. 1 Style Channel On Style is scheduled to feature programs in China which examine its knowhow in broadcasting amassed in the ten years since the station’s launching. The plan is to create and produce Get K-Beauty, a program that provides tips on K-Beauty (Korean beauty) in the format of Korea’s top real beauty variety show Get It Beauty, which it also produces. Each episode will be released weekly to China’s largest video-sharing site Youku ( over six weeks (20minutes * 6videos), with the first one starting on the 7th (Fri).

Get K-Beauty follows the basic format of Get It Beauty, which is the top Korean beauty program and source of practical beauty guide for women since its launch in July 2010. The program aims to deliver knowhow on those aspects of Korean-style makeup and fashion which carry the greatest appeal for Chinese women, particularly given that the Korean Wave has really taken off in China, boosting interest in the fashion, hairstyle and makeup of Korean stars.

In the show Get K-Beauty, popular Chinese beauty bloggers visit Korea to learn and pass tips for Korean beauty. They share information on the makeup and fashion styles of both Korea and China with famous Korean makeup artists including Sohn Dae-Sik, Woo Hyun-Jeung, Jeon Mi-Yeon and Park Tae-Yoon. The bloggers also learn the kinds of K-beauty style that most Chinese women want to know and apply in their own makeup.

Get K-Beauty will present the makeup top-tips of several top Korean stars that Chinese women adore the most, along with other diverse subjects, including the makeup habits and characteristics of most Chinese women. The first episode of Get K-Beauty is scheduled for release on the 7th. In the first part of the episode, makeup artist Sohn Dae-Sik will tell the viewers ‘the secret of Idol’s makeup that makes you look like a doll under glaring light’. The second part of the episode will have makeup artist Woo Hyun-Jeung ‘the tips for quick office makeup in five minutes.’ The rest of the program will disclose ‘the secret of makeup by the makeup artist for Song Hyekyo’, ‘Base makeup for the look of perfect skin’, ‘party makeup’ and so on.

CJ E&M producer Lee Sang-Ho who produces Get K-Beauty said, “I believe that Get K-Beauty will gain huge popularity in China for passing on expert advice for Korean beauty to Chinese women, just as Get It Beauty had tremendous popularity among Korean female viewers for the makeup know-how it provided.”