CJ FoodVille is scheduled to deploy social contribution activities in Vietnam with KOICA




CJ FoodVille ( is scheduled to deploy social contribution activities in Vietnam with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

As a proposal suggested by CJ FoodVille to establish baking and pastry skill department of CJ in Eoungae Hansung Han ㆍ Bei  Technical School of Vietnam is selected as targeted support business by Global Social Contribution Program Competition held by  Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA),  it held a ceremony to establish MOU on January 16. Therefore, CJ FoodVille newly opened CJ’s baking and pastry department in baking and pastry skill department which is located in Eoungae Hansung province of Vietnam. First of all, CJ FoodVille is going to build education facilities necessary for baking and pastry training and support infrastructure such as apparatus and equipments.


 After that, CJ FoodVille will operate human resource training programs in earnest to spread Korea’s advanced baking and pastry skills this coming September. A total of 40 human resources specialized in baking and pastry skills are scheduled to be discharged in 6 months. Moreover, CJ FoodVille will help those personnel who successfully finished this training course for their economic independence in connection with employment at shops of Tous Les Jours in Vietnam, other bakery shops and private business foundation.  Currently, CJ FoodVille’s bakery, Tous Les Jours is running a total of 29 shops in Vietnam and also has been positioned as No.1 brand in Vietnam last December based on sales and number of shops. Tous Les Jours, which is leading bakery Korean Wave through distinctive products and services and marketing, is expected to jump up to be No. 1 brand in South East Asia without stopping. 


 “This social contribution activities in Vietnam is an opportunity to realize a spirit of ‘Protecting Country by Businesses” foreign country as well that is a philosophy of business foundation of CJ FoodVille” and “We will practice a real ‘growing together’ through social contribution program to promote economic development and employment in Vietnam societies not just simple contribution” said a person in CJ FoodVille .