CJ HelloVision Launches the World’s First Cloud Game Service through Cable TV



From Aug. 1st 2012, Hello TV, digital cable arm of CJ Group, plans to launch the world’s first cloud game service through cable TV. CJ HelloVision, the country’s largest cable TV company, plans to accelerate the introduction of smart cable services aimed at providing a wide array of content convergences by incorporating two-way cloud game services into TV. In doing so, CJ HelloVision envisages a strategy to take the lead in innovative “TV New Wave” with the introduction of smart cable services tailored to the needs of consumers in the smart media era. CEO Byun Dong-shik at CJ’s Hello Vision, said, “Now the media world is phasing into the era of smart cable, expanding the realm of TV from “watching TV” to “enjoying TV. Our goal is to make cable TV services come in full bloom by providing pioneering services incorporating communication into TV. The cloud game services will mark the watershed to broaden the realm of interactive content and services.”

The game services to be introduced by CJ Hello Vision are GOD or Game on Demand based on the cloud technology, enabling cable TV to serve as a distribution channel for new games. The provision of the game services could be achieved through strategic alliance between Playcast, Israel’s cloud game service provider, and CJ HelloVision. In particular, the services will mainly be available in console-type games that have been provided only through game-specific boxes. Unlike the existing services that mainly included simple games like go and chess and have been aired in the form of data through cable TV, the upcoming launch of cloud game services marks the escalation to premium quality in terms of excitement, features and graphic designs. In particular, the new premium quality services allows users who have been reluctant to purchase costly console-type game box to enjoy the high quality console games through digital cable TV without the need to additionally purchase separate device or game CD. The successful combination of cable TV with cloud game services is expected to bring vitality to the sagging domestic console game market. By selling the premium quality console game services at a reasonable price, CJ HelloVision plans to lower the market barrier for consumers and thereby to boost the demand for TV cloud game services.

If the TV cloud game services that can be accessed in living rooms or bed rooms are in high demand, it will likely bring about a fundamental change in the countrys game culture. CJ HelloVision expects the brand new convergence game services to lead the game culture that has dominated teen-aging and young adult consumers in a way that allows each of family members to enjoy together. Under the assumption, the company plans to fortify educational and family-type games in stages. Specifically, the company will provide Hello TV subscribers with an opportunity to experience cloud game services for free in August. Paid services will be on offer from September. “Hello TV” subscribers may use cloud games only by allowing game pads to be connected to set-top box without the need for separate external device. Such games may be played only with TV remote controller and keyboard.

CJ HelloVision will selectively provide official services in a total of 24 game categories, including casual, action, sports, racing and FPS and plans to insert new game titles every month. In particular, the popular games manufactured by the world-renowned game makers such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Capcom and THQ will be served to customers.