CJ O Shopping Launched 24-Hour TV Home Shopping Channel in Thailand.


CJ O Shopping Launched 24-Hour TV Home Shopping Channel in Thailand


CJ Is Accelerating Move to Create Korean Wave or Hallyu for “Global Home Shopping Market.”




CJ O Shopping, which launched TV home shopping channel “G"CJ O Shopping” in Thailand on June 18th, plans to air the program around the clock. Thailand is the 5th overseas country that it entered following China, India, Japan and Vietnam. G"CJ O Shopping(hereinafter called G"CJ) is a home shopping company co-invested by CJ O Shopping and GMM Grammy, Thailand’s largest entertainment and media group, and plans to air home shopping program to about 12 million households around Thailand from 10 a.m. on June 18th.


G"CJ, in pursuit of realizing shoppertainment that delivers both information and excitement, displays good quality products in mid and high price range. It also aims to secure customer confidence and differentiate itself from its competitors. The entire process ranging from introducing products to receiving orders and consultation and delivery will go on in the same way that the Korean home shopping channel does.


G"CJ plans to achieve sales of about KRW 38 billion and about KRW 170 billion by 2013 and 2016 respectively. If the company is sure that its advance into the targeted market has entered stable phase, it will immediately take actions to increase the number of household subscribers and expand the business using new instruments such as internet and catalog. In particular, CJ O Shopping takes control of Thailand branch of its affiliate CJ IMC, solely responsible for global sourcing, which prompts the expectation that the launch of G’’CJ will serve as an opportunity to highlight CJ IMC’s global sourcing prowess already proven through the management of the seven sites in Southeastern Asia.


Meanwhile, GMM Grammy, CJ O Shopping’s business partner, is Thailand’s largest entertainment & media group whose business realm is not just associated with  broadcasting, movie, music and business but also is extended to satellite broadcaster GMM Z, 11 cable TV channels, four radio channels and six magazines. GMM Grammy will be responsible for securing channels in Thailand and establishing collaborative relationship with other channels, while CJ O Shopping will support goods management, marketing and information technology on the back of business know-how accumulated for the past years. Given that both CJ and GMM Grammy stand at the forefront of entertainment business in countries, their partnership is expected to produce synergy with relative ease.


Seong Nak-je, CEO of G"CJ, said, “Given that Thailand’s GDP and the retail market volume increase steadily, Thailand is seen as the market with great growth potential. By securing customer confidence and providing high quality products at reasonable price, we will win favor from Thailand customers.”


The fact that CJ O Shopping launched G"CJ in Thailand in addition to China, India, Japan and Vietnam holds significance in that the company, which ranks 1st among home shopping companies in Asia, cemented its foothold in Asia. (CJ O Shopping also plans to advance into Turkey, called a gateway to Europe, late this year)


Lee Hae-seon, CEO of CJ O Shopping, said, “CJ O Shopping currently operates home shopping business in seven sites of five countries, including Thailand. With the introduction of the Korean high-end brands and products to foreign customers, we are creating Korean wave for home shopping industry. If we successfully attract Thailand customers by introducing our brands’ fashion and underwear and other SME brands, we expect that Thailand will serve as reliable overseas platform for CJ O Shopping in four to five years.”