‘Enjoy Kim Yu-Na Bread & off to the Ice Show!’


‘Enjoy Kim Yu-Na Bread & off to the Ice Show!’

Tous Les Jours gives away tickets to the Ice Show starring Kim Yu-Na  


■ Inviting 300 customers purchasing ‘Kim Yu-Na Bread’ to the Ice Show

■ Opportunity to enjoy the world champion’s performance up close

■ ‘Kim Yu-Na Bread’ drawing interest thanks to the popularity of Kim Yu-Na


March 31, 2009 – Tous Les Jours ( of CJ Foodville ( is giving away 300 tickets to the ‘Festa on Ice 2009’ starring Kim Yu-Na, the World Figure Skating Champion, to te customers purchasing ‘Kim Yu-Na Bread’.


From April 2 to April 15, customers purchasing ‘Kim Yu-Na Bread’ can enter for this event by listing the numbers on their receipts in the Tous Les Jours website ( The lucky 150 customers will be presented with 2 tickets each to the ‘Festa on Ice 2009’. 2 tickets each will be given to the 150 lucky number holders. 15 will win tickets for ‘R’ seats (30 persons), 60 for ‘S’ seats (120 persons) and 75 for ‘A’ seats (150 persons). The winners will be announced in the Tous Les Jours website on April 17.