2AM, Davichi, FT Islands, Brown Eyed Girls “In 200



Since the establishment on December 2007, Clean Click Campaign Headquarters (CCC Headquarters) has been actively performing to revive the music industry of Korea experiencing stagnation due to the overflow of illegal music files. CCC Headquarters has been organizing on-the-street campaigns, producing publicity clips and songs to root out illegal music files and operating the official CCC website. On March 26, CCC Headquarters will have the first on-the-street relay campaign of 2009 from 1 to 3 in the afternoon with participation by popular performers at the yes APM Square in front of Ewha Woman’s University.


This campaign will be participated by Davichi, Brown Eyed Girls, 2AM and FT Islands, the 2009 CCC publicity ambassadors. They will appeal to the public to join in the CCC to eradicate the illegal music file download. For the fans joining in the event to collect signatures not to use illegal music files, the celebrities will give out their autographs together with souvenirs. There will also be a copyright and CC quiz contest as a pre-ceremony event. The contestants will be presented with the CDs of popular singers and cosmetic items, etc.


In addition to the on-the-street campaign, CCC Headquarters, together with Copyright Protection Center, will open the copyright violation reporting section in the CCC website (www.운동.kr). Through collaboration with Copyright Commission, CCC Headquarters is also continuously undergoing copyright education activities for the youth. As such, CCC Headquarters is endeavoring to revive the stagnated Korean music industry by rooting out the illegal music files.


“We have recently put up in the CCC website the question of ‘Is it illegal to designate the music file you have purchased through a CD or from a paid portal site as the background music for your personal web page?’. We received votes on this and 60% answered illegal and 40% said legal. This shows that many of the music consumers are s