CJ Internet commences localization of Ma9Ma9 in Japan


CJ Internet commences overseas business in full scale by exporting ‘Sudden Attack’ to 5 countries in Southeast Asia


, the most popular game in Korea, is forecasted to bring a fresh of wind for FPS of Korea in Southeast Asian market during the course of this year as the game is continually exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

On the 21st, CJ Internet concluded export contract for with ‘Asia Soft’, therefore became entitled to provide services in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. CJ Internet already exported to Vietnam at the end of last year through contract with ‘Vina Game’.

In particular, there is very high possibility of success in Southeast Asia, the new and very promising market for game business. As much as so, anticipation for profit is also high. So, CJ Internet will be able to visualize its performance in overseas business through this advancement into Southeast Asian market.

Furthermore, as will be launched in these countries within the near future, it is being anticipated that yet another ‘Korean Wave’ will begin through FPS in game industry.

The reason for positive outlook on Southeast Asian market is, most of all, the online game environment of these countries. All of these countries are displaying the trend of rapid development in IT infrastructures, PC rooms and payment methods.