CJ CheilJedang to launch ‘Freshian Five-grain Latte Soup’


CJ CheilJedang to launch ‘Indeli’, the authentic Indian curry



CJ CheilJedang, after over 1 year of research, launched 4 varieties of Indeli, the authentic Indian curry to be conveniently enjoyed by consumers. ‘Indelie’, the delicious Indian curry, is a compound word of ‘India’ and ‘delicious curry’.


Representative Indian curry menus have been strictly selected, such as chicken vindaloo, chicken makhani, palak paneer and beef demi-curry, which had only been available in Indian restaurants. The 4 varieties of Indeli have smoother taste by increasing the quantities of tomatoes and fresh cream used. Also, domestically grown chicken and Australian beef are added in chucky size for greater taste. With vibrant colors of vegetable ingredients, such as tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach, Indeli broke the fixed notion that curry is always yellow in color.