CJ Freshway starts group meal service in North Korea


CJ Freshway starts group meal service in North Korea


CJ Freshway announces that the company will provide meal service in North Korea after officially opening group meal service site of Namkwang Engineering & Construction Branch in Gaeseong Industrial Complex.

The group meal service site to provide meal for 300 persons at a single time will provide 3 meals per day to workers from South Korea and soup for lunch to North Korean workers. As the same soup served to South Korean workers will be provided to workers from North Korea, CJ Freshway will achieve ‘reunification’ through the ‘taste of soup’.

Construction of group meal service site was completed in 8 months after commencement in October 2007 to the scale of 1320 to seat 300 persons for approximately 600 meals (weekdays).

In Namkwang Engineering & Construction Branch of CJ Freshway in Gaeseong Industrial Complex, about 30 personnel from North Korea will be working with 4 full-time chefs from CJ Freshway. They will be given the responsibility of assisting chefs as well as to be in charge of dishwashing and cleaning of kitchen and dining hall. Vehicles transporting cooking ingredients can enter North Korea only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Therefore, ingredients will be transported in quantities for 3 ~ 4 days each time.