CJ FoodSystem changes company name to ‘CJ Freshway’.


CJ FoodSystem changes company name to ‘CJ Freshway’.


CJ FoodSystem is about to commence more progressive management activities by changing the company name to CJ Freshway.


Soon to begin the second takeoff, CJ Freshway decided that a new company name was necessary to bring power to the company. It is because a ‘company name’ is the most basic and an important tool in communication with customers.


CJ Freshway invested more than 6 months in searching for the company name to best describe the direction of business and the value pursued by the company at the same time as supplementing weaknesses of the old company name that was hard to pronounce and was excessively formal. After 3 internal contests and development by a naming specialist company, the name ‘CJ Freshway’ was finally selected.


Of the new company name, ‘Fresh’ expresses the company’s promise to customers for [hygienic safety] and [freshness], the most fundamental values to be ensured by a food company, and the company’s will to contribute towards advancement of [well being] food culture in the genuine sense. ‘Way’, at the same time as representing logistics business, the important business field of the company, emphasizes the fact that the company will provide ‘total solution’, such a