OAP Bureau publishes 2007 OAP DVD & Year Book; vol. 03


OAP Bureau publishes <2007 OAP DVD & Year Book vol. 03>

In January 2008, CJ Media published <2007 OAP DVD & Year Book vol. 03 (2007 OAP>. <2007 OAP DVD & Year Book> consists with a booklet and DVD that contain promotional films and show courses of project execution, such as of OAP system design, program design and campaign, etc., as well as glossaries used in the actual jobsite. Enabling viewers and readers to understand network design and identity per each channel of CJ Media, <2007 OAP> will promote understanding of program concepts and titles by organizing program designs so that to be used as a text for students studying broadcasting design or motion graphics, or play the role of publicity for advertisers and to thank them for channel sponsorship. Data published in <2007 OAP> and other films not included due to insufficiency of space can be found in the attached DVD.